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I do not negotiate with terrorists.

It's good to see you stopped throwing ad hominems in. At least you are beginning to meditate and calm down. <3

Notice how in every Buddhist country, homosexuality is frowned upon so brutally. Sri Lanka and China for example.

I just study the words and the science behind it. I never said I was gay but I probably am slightly bi since no one on Earth is 100% either way.

Buddha didn't have disciples, that's the bible. Buddha had Bodhisattvas and if they were gay they had to meditate it out of their system.

It's being both at once.

Stop disputing when you are conceding.

For a Buddhist you sure do have a temper to control. Do you know it's against Buddhism to be gay?

The rest of it is an assumption based on nothing.

I'm not down-voting anything. I lose points by doing that.

You can be straight and gay too, it's called bisexuality, or if you go beyond that and like the trannies it's pansexuality so what's your point really?

Necrophilia has a dead person; no harm.

Pedophilia is considered a mental illness and animated porn for it is banned (notice how no one would be harmed by that).

Bestiality harms who exactly?

Homosexuality harms those who are religious and our species' reproductive capacity if we are to be considered monogamous.

Regardless of this I do not agree or disagree with either sexual orientation. I simply care to point out the hypocrisy of supporting gay rights whilst being a human being and hoping our species survives to the next generation.

Your entire argument is justified by the theory that being a moron is something that your opinion determines.

First legalise all things that society has deemed as an invalid lust, such as that of pedophilia, necrophilia or bestiality, and then homosexuality will make sense to allow.

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Yes let's all cheer on the glorified shameless point-farming bitch of this site.

Whilst one doesn't choose to find gay sex pleasurable or disgusting (nor straight sex), they choose the lifestyle they lead and should toughen the fuck up if they want to survive in a religious society.

Life isn't meant to be fair; it's meant to be brutal and spontaneous because we are animals, not robots.

Either be normal or be good at hiding it.

That is it.

Humans are not a merciful species, we were designed to dominate, destroy and bully not only other species but our own fellows.

We thrive off programs, movies and stories where death, torture, backstabbing and bullying are all intertwined. We need bad guys to exist for good guys to be good.

If no one bullied the gays then the gay activists would just be evil fucks without a purpose to be good.

In reality we don't choose anything; even our belief in choice.

If we are to consider, realistically, what society should deem it to be then the gay chooses to be a faggot, regardless of internal feelings. Otherwise we might as well say the murderer didn't choose to murder; it was an involuntary urge they had.

What if the fish is an adult?

Only to unseen, non-physical entities that hide behind angels and cryptic clues.

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So if you work hard at producing a boring piece of art, it's not boring?

Got so boring after 6 seconds.

Suffocating the mate and making them bleed are just part of the fun.

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