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I don't give a damn.

Fart anyways. It wont make a difference. Unless you try to force a fart and you let go of a few pounds....then you have a problem.

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Is that a candle in the background? I think I may want that candle.

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Can you tell me what this means.

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Felt like it.

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This morning my mouth had intercourse with a bowl of cereal.

When you get to 5000 it does.

I prefer twenty reports and a bribe to ban Prodigee .

AbbyNestor(1028) Clarified
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You never messaged me sis. Send something .

Lol. When you have to run then its another story. Thats when it is a disadvantage.

Nah. For me the card wouldnt make much of a difference. I dont think I need to.

Oh okay. I gotcha .

I have never heard of you before. What does this link lead me to ?

Who is that ?

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