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of course! If you wrote part of a sentence that went "Katy did", it can be changed to "Katydid", therefor chaining the whole meaning from a girl who did something to an insect that lives in shrubs, bushes, and trees.

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Money cannot buy happiness. Think of monks- studies show that they are the happiest people in the world, though they receive little. They live simple lives, and feel content with themselves Why, may you ask?

For one, without much, you are more grateful when you receive something. When a child receives carrots at the dinner table, many may throw a fit over eating the vegetable. But if a monk receives the veggie, they will be grateful for the freshly grown produce.

When you have much, you develop a sense of greed; you always will want more than what you have. I honestly have a lot, and sometimes may feel greed, but I try to stop myself.

Many people want to keep spending and spending, but the monks survive with little. They are happy. Rich millionaires are probably more down than happy because of greed. I'm not saying that all people have greed; just that greed is a poison most of us will experience.

I have to agree though that people do need a little money for food, shelter, and water; three of the four necessities of life.

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