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Draw me, like one of your French girls?

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Good one ;)

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I want to eat curry.

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Dare I poke the zombie that is a thousand days old? XD

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What about anal worms?

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No... this isn't real...

The person is just taking pictures, removing the coin between shots!

Ha! Never fooled me...


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I once saw my friend high on LSD.

He lay under the couch for like 2 hours straight, and he waved his hand gently in the air like a cat.

He also started laughing hysterically for no reason and then got startled by something on the floor.

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Yep. Many people do it these days. Even me.

You just awkwardly glare at them and say "lol."

(Good Morning STAR SHINE! The Earth Says HELLO! :D)

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No, it's what you say when you see someone drowning. lol.

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Well, instead of a card-board box, it was a biscuit.

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... And that is how The Nyan Cat came to be...

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Don't forget the troll under the bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff...

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I have crappy internet here, so that video is not gonna load...

So I'm gonna go "Pauline Hanson" on ya, and say: "Plleeeaaaassseee Expllaaayyynnnn."


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I was taking a leisurely 'troll through the park this morning before going to work

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For some reason, I really want to rape Thumbs-Up button on that post, but I dunno where it is!!!! ;D

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Lightning tends to hit the highest objects in the area, and of course, this lighting flash was not without technical and visual aberration from the lens of the iPhone camera.

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You are sort of an Atheist too. (As I've said in a previous argument-) you have a lack of belief in the Norse Gods, The Greek Gods, The Islamic God, The Pagan Gods, The Roman Gods, etc.

That means you are practicing a form of Atheism. It is the default position lacking a belief of a God.

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