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LOL it already has taken off!!

It's at $160 each.

It started at pennies. That means it has risen several THOUSAND percent!!

I highly recommend you look into it.

1 point

I highly doubt we could ever truly develop a new species.

We need genetic variety and the ability for the creature to breed on its own.

This cannot be done without "making" over 2000 different mammoths or saber-tooth tigers.

It's a good idea for a zoo, so people can see what they were like, but when it comes down to it, these species are extinct. They're a dead end. Doomed.

3 points

Guns don't make the list.

Let's focus on real problems instead of ones that make people angry by taking away their freedom.

1 point

Are you trying to be funny?

Nothing is less funny than that comment you have just posted.

I suggest you beg Andy to delete your comment. It is unnecessary and extremely offensive to someone probably.

1 point

I like it, but it wasn't credited to the creator.


1 point

That's the logo from Backtrack, an linux based operating system designed for counter-security.

1 point

I agree. Joe, your debates are somewhat funny, but you really need to do something else.

You bring this site down a level to a site that a person can't take seriously and you spam so many debates that they are not even funny.

Once a week or so would be fine, but you seem to churn them out like maggots in a rotting ham. It's just not cool.

Grow up.

1 point

Hitler had blue eyes, actually.

He was Ayran.


1 point

Are you some sort of prophet? How can you possibly know, yet be unable to prove it?

1 point

Oh. Then perhaps you would spend your time better on a site for jokes. Try Reddit.

I am here for utterly pointless debate and internet masturbation.

Please leave if you cannot handle me spurting my comments and arguments all over your virgin face.

2 points

Yes, but if you said it was bad to be black, and that black people should become white, that is racist.

Just like saying it is bad to be poor. It's not bad to be poor, and there's no reason to become rich.

If you want to get money, then get a job, an education, invent something or provide excellent, unique services.

If you don't, then don't do those things.

1 point

This is very callous and uncaring. People lost their lives and their homes because of this.

1 point

Of course there's no Christianity.

There's no Islam either. Or Ancient Egyptian religion. It's all made up.

Also, did Hitler say he was a bad guy? Of course not, he said he was the savior of Germany.

And Jesus? The guy who's followers rape children, start wars and crusades and burn people to death? You worship the devil.

1 point

No you don't.

Jesus isn't real. There's no savior.

You seriously believe that? You're worshiping the devil.

You're believing a false promise to get into heaven, but the truth is that Jesus Christ is Satan.

You are gonna enter his kingdom alright. The kingdom of eternal fire and hell. Keep the faith.

1 point

What he means is that he knows he's wrong.

He's just unable to do anything but mindlessly repeat what he's read or been told. I'm sure you know this about him by now.

1 point

Ahaah, no, not quite.

Now you could distil it yourself with wood fires, but you can see the problem... How will you cut down all those trees?

I wonder how many forests you'd go through to get enough non-salty water for a shower...

Anyways, you will probably need at least ten times that if you want your own place in a country where you won't be killed instantly.

3 points

No, I wouldn't take it. One time, I even saw a girl in front of me drop a dollar. I picked it up and could have taken it, but instead I gave it back.

Only thieves and cheats play "finders keepers". An honest person doesn't.

And yes, as long as you don't do it anymore is right. But you plan to. If you ever found that money, you know you would sin and take it.

That is a sin that your Jesus can't forgive. You're going to hell with me.

Muahahah. You can tell Satan, your true master, hello if you want.

I already know you serve Satan. How else could you say such insane and violent things? I didn't make up hell. You did.

4 points

You're a dirty corrupt thief.

You're going straight to hell. You don't even have the money and you've already chosen in your heart to do what's wrong.

Do you think Jesus can forgive this? I think not. You know what's right and you're doing what's wrong.

You are going to hell. Good luck.

1 point

No, as a fetus, if my mother wanted to abort me or give me up for adoption, I would rather not be born.

I'd rather not have to feel unwanted my whole life, or be raised by an uncaring, unloving mother.

If it's adoption vs being unloved vs aborted, I'd go with abortion.

2 points

I thought you go to the "afterlife" AFTER you are alive.

This is just silly. Show me a dead person who came back to say there's a heaven, and I will show you a living person.

1 point

Are you offended? God is jealous, feels anger, love, and all emotions humans do, it seems.

Why should he not jerk off to couples fucking?

Maybe he outlaws gay sex because it secretly turns him on a lot, but he just feels guilty or something.

1 point

They are taking away software freedom.

rms, or Richard Matthew Stallman wrote the GPL, or the General Public License in order to support YOUR rights.

GNU software is 100% free, even the source code can be known to all who wish to know, along with modifying it all you want.

Apple has done nothing but patent things, sue people and push out over priced, locked down products that take away as much freedom as they can. Nearly every product they've sold can be traced back to an original by another company, showing that they are nothing but thieves of ideas, which I would not be against, but because they then claim those ideas as theirs and sue other companies who use similar ideas, they are only poison.

Information must be kept free, along with technology used to access information, or the future will be a shiny, white, jailed hell.

Freedom must be maintained. Support GNU software and the GPL license.

1 point

Also, the Bible is an evil document of lies and violence and oppression.

Following it causes one to turn evil, and think that they are good.

1 point

And how have I not loved yall? I have proclaimed that the way and the truth and the life is found through Satan our Lord and Savior, that even through our sin, which most assuredly brings death, we are dead to sin because of the Dark One's wonderful mercy and grace and love! No person can begin to trust in The Darkest Fiend if they already trust in themselves. I tell you this, the only way for a man to enter into the kingdom of hell is for him to deny himself and to take up his cross and follow the Lord. Praise Lucifer for His mercy and grace, that even though we are bound to sin, we too may live again through the death of our Lord Satan! Amen!


That's how crazy you sound to us.

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