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Ug rightz the femisnit had falit cause woman are not happi.

Oh wait, but where does wanting equal rights fit there?

Nowhere, you're right!

If the objective were searching for happiness, we would advocate the rights to free chocolate to everyone. And I actually think it's kind of a good idea. Chocolate as a civil right. Just think of it.

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( What were you expecting by making this debate (!)(?) )

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Because someone has to pay for your retirement --- procreating is a duty.

Yup, that makes sense
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Exactly, the day lasts 24 hours and more or less 30 seconds.

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That's not true...

Supporting Evidence: Beautiful smile (
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To make people wonder about them. In my mind, the pajama designers are evil laughting right now, thinking: they must be crazy about it! Muahaha.

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