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Jacobcoolguy(2428) Clarified
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Would you rather be born with no arms or no legs, if you had to choose one?

Do you know what it means to be born again?

Murder is never justified.

Okay, how is a human fetus isn't a person, an """infant""" is just a fetus outside of the host. Calling an """infant""" a person is a stretch, any way you look at it.

Abortion is abortion, murder is murder. Two different things, don't twist my words. Post birth abortion is only abortion shorty after birth. Personally, I believe it is only ethical to terminate a fetus 24 hours to one week after a birth, other may consider the 6 month point to be the bench mark.

If you're just going to strawman by arguments, there is no point in talking to you. I am a human being, killing me is murder.

Jacobcoolguy(2428) Clarified
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If you think abortion is murder, you are wrong.

Murder is never justifiable.

Melania is a troll goddess, pissing off millions of fragile leftist weaklings all while maintaining plausible deniability. I think I'm in love.

What do you do for a living?

You know putting "SS" you put at the bottom of your posts is redundant, right?


Notify his future school immediately.

Got to kill em all!

No, there is a God you atheist SCUM!

If only.

Kill your wife.

White males shouldn't be allowed to vote.

I think bathrooms should be bathrooms, 43 year old men and 7 year old girls both piss and shit.

Never gonna give you up.....

Never gonna let you down....

She would join Kanye West, George Bush, Taylor Swift and the gang. 630noupscale/576ebe1a1a00002700ceb103.jpeg

Jacobcoolguy(2428) Clarified
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Your point? I think we should ban pointy things so we won't hurt ourselves on them.

I believe we should ban all things pointy.

Christians are just one God short of being an atheist.

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