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JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

I failed to convince you of the truth

This is where you seem to run into difficulty a lot. The definition of "truth" is not "what I personally believe". That is exactly the same trap religious people fall into, so your childish attempts to yet again regurgitate another debate you lost 3 weeks ago (and are still sore about) only serve to expose you as someone being compelled by the irrationality of emotion to defend your beliefs.

but that is not the same as a loss.

Being wrong is the same as a loss, and you're wrong that science isn't an ideology/religion.

The problem is you don't know the difference between scientific thought and believing in whatever the scientific community tells you to

No, the problem is that you don't know how to accept being wrong. It makes you exactly the same as someone like Yeshua, albeit the fact you stand on polar opposite ends of the belief scale.

1 point

You have the right to stop replying.

You have the right not to torture other people with insane nonsense from the dark ages.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

God in human flesh

Please stop your babbling. I'm not interested.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

The fact that you can't tell the difference between that and science is very unfortunate. James "science is a religion" DD.

Shut up child. We've already had this conversation, and you lost.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

Religion does not save, but Jesus does.

Jesus only exists in your head.

Don't you know how much He loves you?

Don't you know how much Elvis loves you? Elvis rose from the dead to be lord and saviour. I don't need evidence that Elvis talks to me because I'm insane and that's one of the great benefits of insanity. You don't need evidence or reason. You just say stupid stuff and act like it's real.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

All Christian means is to know Jesus Christ with Him as your God, Lord, and Savior.

You're batshit insane. I'd like to write an intricate response but you don't deserve it and it would be wasted in any case because you're batshit insane.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

Yeshua is the Hebrew word for salvation and the Hebrew Name for Jesus.

So you claim to be a Christian, yet are naming yourself after words derived from Judaism?

Are you confessing that you are Jewish?

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If we give everyone guns, those being shot at can shoot back

If you take everybody's guns, nobody would need to shoot back because nobody would be getting shot.

1 point

There will always be a number of people who will manage to squirrel away a few guns ;)

Which obviously is a lot better than everybody having guns. I just don't understand how anybody could believe it would not be better for 500 hardened mafia soldiers to have guns than 375 million random people. That's like saying you'd rather every single country in the world had nuclear weapons instead of just North Korea.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
1 point

If the criminnnnnnnnnnnal does nnnnnnnnnnot want to be shot, he or she should not break in someone's house.

If you don't want to be punched in the face, you shouldn't say stuff which is childish and provocative.

1 point

Is that dumb, or what?

It's nowhere near as dumb as accusing actual scientists of being "science deniers" you retarded hypocritical scumbag.

-1 points

Here we go again. Another partisan

You are an absolutely astounding hypocrite. Astounding.

1 point

Actually, if guns are illegal, and you have a gun, then you are breaking the law and outlaws are by definition criminals and criminals are bad guys so..., there you go ;)

I agree. I've heard it put this way before, also. It stops the pro-gun crowd from using their "law-abiding citizen" angle. Well, of course it doesn't stop them. Nothing ever stops them. But at least it exposes it as a baloney argument.

JamesDD(11) Clarified
2 points

Criminals have no guns. Now that is a standard Democrat response.

That's a standard right wing distortion. "Criminals" is an extremely large group of disparate individuals and characters, with different jobs, religions, races, motivations and desires. Illegalising guns and attaching a five year automatic prison sentence to anybody caught with one dissuades all but the most hardened and determined criminals from obtaining one. In other words, an extremely small proportion of criminals, which you are artificially inflating into all criminals simply because you're a duplicitous toerag with no intention whatsoever of sticking to the cold hard facts.

1 point

Now it's your turn to waste your time typing and my turn not to read it.

That's awesome buddy. Have fun not reading my replies. I hope that satisfies your transparent lust for violence.

Have a shitty life you piece of shit.

Wait a minute. If I'm a piece of shit then surely I'd wish for a shitty life?

Mingi hasn';t replied today

Wow. That's bad news. Can't even get a reply out of the other deranged self-declared genius, huh? He's probably just watching cartoons. I'm sure he'll be back tomorrow so you can plan your Bond villainy together like the rational-minded men you are.

I'm pretty much done here.

You keep promising. Such a tease.

1 point

If guns are illegal, then only bad guys will have guns

This false dichotomy you Americans apply to reality where everybody is neatly packed into a box which reads either "good guy" or "bad guy" is frighteningly stupid. I mean it's borderline farcical and illustrates that large portions of the population seem to think real life is like the movies, where everyone is either Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. It's pretty sad really, because it's kind of the perspective of a small child, so to think that millions of armed American adults are walking around thinking they live in a movie (in which they are the hero) is staggeringly frightening.

1 point

You are deeply enraged at all times just like I am you liar.

I grew up. Sorry.

The difference is that I am brutally honest about both myself and others

The difference is you're a child. You're not honest. If you were honest you wouldn't even be here because you said you were leaving. We are all still waiting for you to be honest and leave.

projecting a fake image of yourself

Yawn. Do you do anything other than throw your rattle?

You are acting calm and reasonable, but you are neither. I am truly angry and not afraid to admit it.

You're half right.

You're a total waste of the earth's resources and should kys.

I thought I just told you I don't care what you think about me. Do you need me to repeat myself?

I was going to

Sure. Just like you were going to grow up. Then you figured you'd just blame everybody else for your problems. Because hey, you don't have to accept any responsibility for your own life then, do you? You can just take out all your hate and anger on the people around you. How has that worked out for you so far in life, you boring adolescent imbecile?

you literally misinterpreted every word of my argument

But you don't have any argument. I set out an articulate and reasoned argument why science is a form of ideology, provided you with real life examples, and you have done nothing or written nothing to reasonably dispute that. All you've done is throw your rattle about like the child you are.

Stop fucking telling me to leave or I'll be stuck here forever.

You said you were going to leave, dummy. I'm just asking you to keep to your word.

1 point

I feel the exact same towards you

But I don't care what you think about me. That's why I'm calm and you're in a violent rage. You're messaging me telling me to kill myself. It's pathetic. You are pathetic.

You are about ego, not truth.

Then why are you the one having a temper tantrum and I the one who is being calm and reasonable? I asked you to go away hours ago, but you're not even mature enough to leave unless you can have the last word.

You're a total waste of my time. You said you were going to leave the site two days ago and then you were back within 10 hours. Every word which has left your mouth in the last two weeks has been false. Keep your promise to leave and go away.

1 point

you upvoted me frequently

You have no idea who or what I upvoted because you don't have access to my computer or my mind. Every word that you write causes my opinion of you to sink lower. You are a big, grown-ass baby.

1 point

You have gone from agreeing with me constantly just a few days ago to "Nothing you say is true."

I didn't agree with you. You agreed with me. There's a subtle difference.

I don't need others to validate my existence

Obviously you do. You seem to be in a great deal of pain.

1 point

You have literally misrepresented everything INTENTIONALLY to avoid honest debate.

Nothing you say is true. You're a child. Go away.

You really should just fucking kill yourself.

I have real friends. You don't. Perhaps you should take your own advice.

1 point

You have (with great dishonesty) appealed to semantics to cling to your original argument, and while your attempts to justify calling science a religion make sense semantically (to an extent) they do not make sense in the reality that exists beyond mere words.

So I'm right and wrong simultaneously, but I'm the one appealing to semantics?

Are you even listening to yourself? You are desperate and it shows in the drivel you are writing.

Not all ideology is religious in nature and nothing could be farther from religion than science.

So the "evidence" for your first assertion is two more assertions? Lol.

This is not to say that science is an ideology, because it's not that either.

A third assertion? You're really rolling them off the tongue, aren't you?

Firstly, religion deals specifically with the spiritual/metaphysical whereas science deals specifically with the material world.

So churches don't exist, people don't go to mass, and they don't believe Jesus was really the son of God? You are an idiot. Religion explains the condition of the natural world, its history and its future, just like science does.

Shut your mouth. You're boring me. Child.

1 point

I will give you one final chance

You understand very little about my character if you think I'm the type who responds well to threats and ultimatums from people who are having temper tantrums. Good day to you.

2 points

They are called "criminals"

No they aren't. You pro-gun twerps are just so obnoxious to try to reason with because you literally cut out the fourth dimension of space when you're arguing about guns. You are not a criminal until you are convicted in a court of law of a crime. That's how crime works pal. And that process can take years or even decades. In the meantime, you're free to buy as many guns as you feel like. Banning people from owning guns AFTER they've committed a mass shooting, or a homicide, or a suicide, OBVIOUSLY ISN'T GOING TO HAVE THE INTENDED EFFECT OF HELPING MATTERS, is it you total unadulterated numpty?

So take guns away from cops so they can't shoot anybody

The cops wouldn't need guns if everybody in your entire country wasn't armed you bafflingly irrational bag of monkey nuts.

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