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Most people base their perspective/perceptions on what the media's viewpoint is, for those people can't think without someone holding their hand. If the media went away, people would be forced to think for themselves more at least.

All cops abuse their power of authority either young or old, black or white. Its all about control for them.

The most self respecting atheist could utter the phrase OH FUCK YOU GOD! Otherwise, that would work as well.

Grandmothers should be encouraged to smoke pot. ----------------------------------

Probably, more nipple than boob .-----------

What does this have to do with traveling through time?-----------

Sure but wanted to stick with the astronomical concept.--------------

Never heard of going blind from a fart, but it could ruin the day.

It is now, plus there is a nice shaped heart to go with it.

Sure, I will concede to the fact that anything is possible, but it is still incomprehensible because time is man made. Our concept of time is a praxelogical concept. Time was created to help organize human action.

Traveling both to the past and future are impossible because time is merely a concept created by man even to the point of the physics related to time because those concepts were created by man.

Never really liked looking at something that could cause me to go blind whereas at least, this will only make my eyes go crooked.

Time is conceptual byproduct of praxelogy. Furthermore, time only appears to be linear because of human action, which means man desires to achieve ends by whatever means. Time was conceived when man formulated length to took to achieve these ends.

If is a true fan of the game Uno, then he probably can't be that bad, right.

Honestly, haven't really paid any attention to the Winter Olympics so couldn't tell you.

Even though Happy Valentine's Day is some lame hallmark holiday, find someone special.

Does the other guy break his ankle or tear his kneecap?-----------------------

Not on Createdebate anymore.----------------------------------------------------

She appears a little plastic.-----------------------------------------

NOT THE iPad, but the HUMANCENTiPAD. This will replace everything.

You assumed wrong, I only assume 1% of the population is thinking of me. Not even that, people whom I care about.

99% of the population, I could care less what they think.

You know this.---------------------------------------------

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