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2 points

No one has been there so how do you even know evolution exist

Athiest response: '' That same argument can be refuted to yours'''

God is just some random guess'

Refuting; How is it a random guess. There is a reason why we believe in him. And also evolution is also a guess scientist just put fake info

God is always there for us

Athiest response:: Does god respond to your prayer? Have you even met him

Rebuttal what do you mean your challenging god and also have you seen evolution that is the question. And if people haven't met god how come in some cases people die and come back to life.

God made life and our bodies with love.

atheist response: Where is the proof that he made love and feelings when humans are born with the ability to.

My rebuttal: excuse me but sir we are going to have to settle this in a way that is easy to understand. Do you think our traits came from apes? Do we even act like apes? Science has been disproven wrongly so stop acting like it is always true when it is not. Can apes write a story? Can apes have sexual intercourse? Apes are not smarter than us?? So stop with your joke

4 points

And how do you know science is always correct or if evolution is true. See we got proof I can even show you some links

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I bet you the other side are just freaken atheist trying to bring science in the meaning but failed to

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