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Congrats Joe. :) I personally not a fan of your debates but nobody is fan of mine :/ due to disturbing "ness" LOL. However, you are a well deserved member because you had been a member since the old days. :)

NSFW. Im 22 and that stuff hurts my eyes. ><

I think sometimes it is best to judge. Like for example, i would judge a babysitter before letting him or her babysit.

So it is good to judge to be safe and to keep people safe.

Sometimes these kind of judgements can be based off looks and clothing. And they can be quick judgements. So i believe, it is good to take a step back and come up with legit reasons whether the person you judged are good and/or bad.

So i guess if you judge now and quick, judge later and throughly. :) Or just not care who you judged, go to 7/11, buy a Ben and Jerry's ice cream and endulged it with your children watching the Little Mermaid. :)

I like you Joe but i find some of your debates and your comments sometimes spam.

Nahhh i don't think you are twisted for posting this debate. You just had form of humor and people have different form of humor. I clicked on this debate not knowing what i would see. I guess i was one of those birds flying past an oncoming car......flying (or clicking in this matter) without the use of my knowledge or surroundings.

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I agree with you. However, i think Joe meant the real division sign. JOE TELLS US WHAT YOU MEANNNNNNNNNN XD

To do the four letter arguement. Right your argument such as "I went to the park and found Jesus" and separate any two words with the space bar to like fifty spaces. In other words, separate it to a good amount. If your argument is just one word like "Hi," then separate the letters to a large amount. In this case, the letters would be "H" and "I."

Now to your argument. Yes the three is still in parenthesis but the you can get rid of it. The P in PEMDAS means to do the function the lies within the parenthesis. You did the function which was addition. And that is it...get rid of the parenthesis. So now the question is 6 divided by two times three. In PEMDAS, the multiplication and division is interchangeable (Also the addition and subtraction) but read the math equation from left to right and do the function the comes up first. The division comes first when you read it from left to right. So... 6 divided by 2 times 3 is ....... 3 times 3.

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I have to admit, youtube helped me. If you are using (P)(E)(MD)(AS), you have to read the equation from LEFT to RIGHT to know which you have to use first, multiplication or division, after you finished doing parentheses and exponents.

Again, if you don't know which to use first, Mult. or Divis., read from left to right and do what COMES FIRST. giggity.

6 / 2 (1 + 2)

= 6 / 2 (3)

Now read from Left to Right. Six divided by two times three. Therefore, division is first then multiplication.

= 3 x 3

= 9


The interesting thing here is that we are to assume to replace the "/" in the debate question to a division sign. Joe hasn't told us that specifically. I see Julius assumed that as well. With the fraction bar, the answer is one.

I am not smart. Probably go ask Julius or see his answer. But...

6 divided by 2 (3) is NOT (6/1) x (1 / 2(3))

6 divided by 2 (3) IS (6/2) x (3/1)

If you try reading, "6 divided by 2 times 3," slowly then you will have a clue why the above statement is the true translation.


I doubt banning alcohol will get rid of alcohol.

On a relgious side, I believe alcohol is demonic and i don't think humanity should be associated with something like that. However, i am a hypocrite because i am fascinated by demons and spirits. OOOoooOOOoOoOo

Knives kill people but we need it.

Fists kill people but we need our hands.

My face can kill people but i need my face.

I fear that if society agrees to stop alcohol, society will crumble in the begining because alcoholics want their fix. And if people don't have their fix, they get grumpy and violent. But that is just a thought...not a fact.

I believe that moderation is always good. And too much of anything is bad. Don't ban alcohol for those who intakes alcohol with moderation. I will agree to help those who cannot take a moderate intake of alcohol.

In other words...Call Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab host)

I believe i saw this on Family Guy. haha

BatCave yea lol. Maybe it should say: "BatCave....Where's Robin?" Symbolizing Robin for ummm, well i don't think i should say. :D

lol i didn't realize at first that buttercup was moving.

Well that is up to Andy. I find the topic interesting but i think that will add pointless work for Andy. I believe that adding topics or anything to this site is difficult. And it all costs money.

lol ha ha. That is great then. :) Your welcome. You are funny and nice. :D

My pleasure. :) When i reread my comment, i feel like im kind of insulting Saurbaby. She is a nice and funny person. :)

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Wow man! Im happy to know that you commented me. I guess this is like us starting over. lol. I do remember blocking you from debates but i don't remember blocking you from messaging. I will check into that but im not sure if i ever did block you. :)

Thankyou Andy. I feel teary. I really appreciate time to time that you kept me on your site. It tells how nice you are.

Yeah, i did notice the NSFW category. :) Thank you. It is a great category for taboo topics but, im want to hold back. In the beginning, i wanted to express my thoughts because it troubled me. You can say i used this site as a therapy resource. However, there are debates that i personally feel are too sickening. Im afraid to give you examples because i push these thoughts in the back of mind everyday and i don't want to disturb the peace of your mind and others. Yeah i do have a trouble mind but that is when i only think about these type of stuff. However topics like cannibalism, zoophilia, and necrophilia sounds ok to express.

Heck yea!!!! It would be an honor for you to copy it. However, i believe some changes need to be made, like how i stated i did good on my math quiz. And now when i re read my comment, i see a lot of typos. You know whatever you want to it. :)

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Welcome to this CreateDebate. There are loads of debates to choose from. I believe there is over twenty thousand. The most active, popular, and new debates are on the front page. However, if you label your debate "Not suitable for work and school," it won't show up on the front page.

There are numbers under your username. Those are called points and you can use those to upvote a person argument. I don't know if your votes get diminished if you downvote somebody. Also, keep in mind, i find it appropriate for someone to downvote someone with a response. Some people don't do that and i find that immature. lol immaturity is not a bad thing, but in some cases i find it to be.

Im TheThinker btw. I believe i still have a bad reputation because of my "sick" debates. They are creeping on me again because some people are now responding to those debates which are really old. However, im not a bad person. I admit at times i am but im working on be a totally nice person that respects people.

There are ads on this website. The author of createdebate, Andy, is a great guy. He is the person to go too when you need help, advice, or somebody to talk too. There are many interesting people on here. JoeCalvary is a funny guy. Hellno2012 is funny as well. Saurababy is funny and nice. Tho, her comments and be honest that it may look like she is rude but honesty is the best policy. ReventonRage is ahonest too, and he is intelligent. Tho, he can be hurtful but the truth hurts IF it is the truth. Dunno. But i respect him. Ismalia and Srom are really religious and i find that interesting. They are both nice, sweet, but their religious side..........interesting but annoying considering the fact that there is no realiable evidence of God in my opinion. But i respect them too and they are worth to me as well everybody on this site. Chatturgha is intelligent too. I find him to be intelligent because of his arguments. I have my own sense to determine if someone is really intelligent. I can be wrong, however, for now im saying he is smart. :D

I don't know much about me to say. Um, i like taboo topics a lot and it got me into trouble. (yay Thinker, way to make a good first impression). I like creepy topics like ......... well i don't want to bother you but they interest me. Outside of this debating life, i think im normal. I go to school and i want to become a rapper. Everybody in college, thinks im annoying i probably got higher than most stupid on my first Differential Equations Quiz. (Yay, in their face! :D)

Also, if you don't mind, Click on a few ads to give Andy some money. I just click and go back to debate. Takes like two seconds.

you changed the title. GUILTY!!!! ;D

Maybe if i don't fart loud enough, Joe might not be able to hear me. ;)

lol this is true but it also depends on the debates. However, my debates never have a lot of comments. That is another reason why i like taboo, it brings in comments.

That is funny. lol

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

Why did you photoshoped the left image? ;)

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

That chair could have fell on bugs man. This is funny. But when i think deep about a bug's life, it is sad. No life deserves to die.

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