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The button they should wear is something more along these lines.....

Come join our church, because we hate yours.

I did have one, thanks for making that image a reality .

Now somebody tells me. After breaking all 18 rules at least now I know why the second date didn't happen.

The real question is; Should small breast be called breast?

So you are saying not one dollar is being spent on an attempt to prove God doesn't exist. Take a reality check, then get a lobotomy.

I am going to throw out a weird concept. How about instead of creating a new religion to avoid conflict between science and religion we just stop and realize we don't actually need religion and get rid of it. No religion = no conflict.

Why don't we just get scientist to work on things like cancer instead of them wasting billions of dollars attempting to explain the unexplainable and leave God alone? No extreme atheists = no conflict.

Thewayitis(4063) Clarified
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I don't think GenericName (Aka, Al Gore) believes in Global warming.

Isn't the Republican elephant really a mammoth, both are extinct.

I have always admired you and words of wisdom. Are you still married? wink, wink

Does anybody know who you are? Do you even know who you are?

Thewayitis(4063) Clarified
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Is there a right way to answer that question ?

You maybe on to something. Republicans are just those that never learned to share. Very interesting.

Have you ever got it caught in the sharpener ?

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Don't really care, ACTUALLY

Thewayitis(4063) Clarified
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And your point ?

The country is looking for a change and just because Obama didn't completely satisfy everyone's needs, doesn't mean that the country wants a man of any type to continue as President. Obama did get in because he's black and a change from white leadership was desired. This change desire is why Hillary will win, she is not a man. Just like Obama is not white.

Still have to provide source. I'm not convinced evolution has anything to do with fitness. Maybe after I join a gym, I'll get the connection.

No, Flewk is right. I created the debate and I botched the wording. He caught the mistake. That's just the way it is.

You really botched it then. To fit with the fitness of things then liberals want to protect the unfit. Now this fits.

Survival of the fittest, not the strongest.

Strong is used in the title of the debate, not fit. Fitness has nothing to do with this debate. Weak is also used in the title of this debate...Where is fitness in the title?

The only place where fit works in this debate is, you're not fit to debate.

If only the strong survive by means of evolution.....Why are elephants afraid of mice? Why are elephants (GOP) afraid of donkeys (liberals)? It appears that elephants are just plain chicken.

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The past in the USA one could drive around and find spot labor to work doing such task as cleaning horse stalls, raking leaves, push mowing, baling straw, etc. Today these same type of people aren't holding signs saying,

"Will work for food." Instead they are holding signs that read,

"Will work for prevailing wage, 2 weeks paid vacation, insurance and a 401k."

The problem isn't because there is a lack of work, just the unwillingness to do any work.

If the pictures were to deploy reality they would go something like this.


Graduate from high school


Graduate from college


Graduate from masters program

Working at Mcdonalds

Bitching about dad taking away trust fund

Now for the other side

Don't study

Graduate from high school

Don't study

Drop out of college

Work at Mcdonalds

Thewayitis(4063) Clarified
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One never knows what is the intent of anything that is art, the reason it is art.

For one; How do know it is pot they are smoking and not just a normal cigarette?

Secondly; I can't read the label on the bottles and since you assume it's beer, I'm assuming it's grape nehi. (The drink that Radar on MASH drinks)

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