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achilles_(51) Clarified
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Women who are tired of having to wear makeup ;)

Easy, just don’t wear makeup in the first place.

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Actually, it is a human life, just like me and you, the only difference is that it's not fully formed yet, because it's still growing to eventually become grown enough and then be born. It's attached to her, but it's because of the umbilical cord. It's not some "extra body part." You're not gaining an extra limb or anything, but simply just a fetus that's attached to the mother because it literally needs that to live.

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Yea, I don't see anyone talk about anyone other than Trump. But really all that Trump needs to do is focus on what's good for the nation. As long as he's improving our country, that's all that matters. I know Trump has done some good things, but no one seems to acknowledge those things he's done. All that the media does is talk about random stuff he does, or insult him.

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First of all I agree with you on the most part. But in the 2016 election, it was basically voting for the better of the two evils. That's what I heard from my parents, but now they support and like Trump. I know that Trump's policies are good, but I wouldn't really say he's a bad person. I've seen his speeches, and they were really inspirational speeches. He's done some good things for the country, and he's also trying, and that's what I like. To be honest, I've seen him in the election, and he wasn't all that nice, but then again, he was in an election, and he was trying to win. But I was never sure why people didn't like him. I've just heard people insult him, call him names, make fun of him, call him racist, and all that, but when I see people (conservatives) ask questions to those anti Trump people, they usually get stumped, and never have evidence to back up their claims.

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