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People on this site are very argumentative.

Not me. Now fight me cause I'm bored.

Whitey came to the New World

The Muslims and the Asians took every piece of land, which equal well more than the white world, by imperialistic force.

But libs hate history when it doesn't line up with Marx...

You know they don't really believe the crap deep down too. Otherwise all of these white kids at Yale and Harvard would donate their scholarships to minorities and step down. never happens...

My children are deceased. You can't have kids because you are what women call a "wussy boy". Care to continue?

Learned a new word today eh nom? I'll tell your mom. She'll be so proud.

You know who

It's an absolute joke the way he abuses the system. And for some reason Andy bans everybody except him, even though he blatantly lies, cheats and uses the site as a neo-fascist propaganda tool for the Israeli Reich.

I eat paste.

5 points

You know a lie.

Not really. I used deductive logic, using a non disclosed method, reducing who funk machine is down to only 3 possibilities. He's not me. He's not Joe.

Having fun pretending to not be nom while being nom mingiwuwu?

Ask me how I know that...

Funk machine aka nom is trying to shoehorn into our conversation. He must hate typing parrots. Sick.

I have no alts. I have no point farms. I'm a parrot pecking at a keyboard. Prove me wrong.

36,641 despite not being on the leaderboard for months...


I looked and saw nothing. You are most likely clinically insane. Anything else?

Yes. But what about the children? Geeze. I can't get my lib arguments straight. Let me try again. Trump is orange. Hell, that didn't work either. One more. Racist, racist, racist, phobe, phobe, phobe, ist, ism, ist, ism, phobe, racist, misogynist, racist, phobe, phobe, phobe, phobe to infinity, sexist, phobe.

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