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This is just advertisement ;)

This is just advertisement ;)

I know ;)

Pffft ;)

The real reason is to force the economy to tank. If the economy tanks, conservatives with now jobs and/or money will turn liberal in order to vote for some benefits for themselves, i.e., like a living wage ;)

My main concern is fixing rush-hour-traffic. I say let them go back to work so that a few months from now, there'll be less people on the road during rush-hour-traffic ;)

Well..., that wasn't funny. As a matter of fact it was quite depressing ;)

It's not the news segment we want but it is the news segment we need. 😉

Wow! The pregnancy thing might be a bit much ;)

Revenge is a dish best served cold ;)

Without a good recipe, it's going to go as well as when people first tried to eat clowns. There has never been a good recipe for clowns and those that have tried to just wing it have found that clowns taste funny ;)

OK ;)

We are all looking for entertainment while we wait to die ;)

Knock-Knock ;)

If it hasn't happened to you yet, just give it time ;)

How did you even find this old debate ;)

People shouldn't believe everything they read on the internet ;)

Not a good idea if they are wielding a weapon ;)

You do that. Let me know how it turns out ;)

You need some CBD oil on your toilet paper to calm your ass down ;)

You need some CBD oil on your toilet paper to calm your ass down ;)

What? So? ;)

What? So? ;)

Always keep your eyes on the silver lining ;)

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