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It takes a troll to identify a troll ;)

If he's going to rig the election, or not step down peacefully, why tell the world that ;)

That would be the next step in trolling the liberals ;)

I've been good. Trying to milk all the rhetoric for all it's worth ;)

I guess time will tell if you're right or wrong ;)

I used to roll my eyes a lot but the doctor said that my eye balls would wear out if I kept that up and he would have to replace them ;)

So...., what you're saying is that:

when your significant other says, "Where does all this anger come from? You go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds..."

You respond with, "What are you talking about? I was like this when you met me! I idle at 89!!!!"


Aren't you supposed to wait a few posts before invoking the Nazis ;)

OK..., well..., how about pod casts? Have you heard Jericho Greene? He's a black man with a pod cast where he presents his point of view from a black perspective. ;)

You don't want to hear what the right calls the left ;)

I just love reading all the conspiracy theories the libs are spreading ;)

The less you care about, the happier you'll be ;)

joecavalry(38536) Clarified
1 point

God knows that if I were in charge of the manual, that's how it would be ;)

It probably says somewhere in there, "If you are having trouble shooting, try the Troubleshooting section below." ;)

joecavalry(38536) Clarified
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I'm just saying that I've heard the same arguments coming from the right when Obama was elected. And he didn't destroy America. It takes more than one man. Any way, if you don't want to watch that one news channel, then give AM Talk Radio a chance. Every day I deal with people that only listen to those that support their point of view ;)

My reputation precedes me ;)

Maybe watch a different news station ;)

Australia was the place England would send their criminals. It is effectively a country of "inmates." However, they have shortened that word and now they just call each other "mates" ;)

joecavalry(38536) Clarified
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Well...., he had 4 years to destroy America and it is still here ;)

Nah, he should get another 4 years in the white house like Obama did ;)

Now that I have greeted everyone (see post on that <-- side) fuck off ;)

Please don't vote here because there is only one column, which makes it hard to sort the idiots from the non-idiots. Instead, use the link above (in the description). I have also placed the link down below for your convenience ;)

Life is all about balance - 50% Namaste and 50% Fuck Off ;)

I'll start us off by greeting everyone, Namaste ;)

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