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I think you took my little joke a little too seriously ;)

9 out of 10 doctors agree ;)

Enjoy your day off. Not sure if libs get this day off or not ;)

Not sure I like it ;)

Mo' better ;)

If I see your lips moving and I hear something, you're yelling ;)

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics ;)

People are very patient with most disabled persons.

"Oh, you're blind! Let me help you cross the street."

"Oh, you're on a wheel chair! Let me get that thing on the top shelf for you."

People are not so patient with deaf people.


And I'm like, "Bitch, do you know who you're talking to? When have I heard anything? EVER?" On the inside. On the outside I'm like, "Oh, I'm deaf! Here, let me put my hearing aids in." ;)

I wish people would use sign language but with my luck they would only sign the same thing they do when they are on the freeway ;)

joecavalry(39634) Clarified
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That escalated quickly ;)

joecavalry(39634) Clarified
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"If I wanted to hear what you were saying, I'd put on my hearing aids and beat it out of you!" ;)

Maybe I should just yell back, "I CAN'T HEAR THE WORDS COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!" ;)

joecavalry(39634) Clarified
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"I'm not staring at your tits, lady..., I'm just trying to read what you said!" but, of course, I'd be staring ;)

I wish people had subtitles. But with my luck, the subtitles will be around chest level and get me in trouble with busty ladies ;)

People just want to be heard ;)

Life is loud ;)

Especially if you are not wearing your hearing aids ;)

I don't claim to know the science of it so I can't comment ;)

Same for gays ;)

I just do me. Mainly because everyone else is taken ;)

My rep is now safe ;)

Those fuckers ;)

Watch it sister!!! I have a reputation to uphold ;)

They are a bunch of free loaders. We have 4 feeders. Each feeder holds 10. And while 40 feast, there are more waiting their turn. I buy sugar by the 25 Lbs bags. They are so impatient they sometimes come into the house. The good news is that the let my wife pick them up and put them outside. When I go out there with food, they often perch on the feeder before I even hang it up. Supporting this welfare system of feeding is about the most liberal thing I do ;)

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