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 A collection of parenting advise (10)

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A collection of parenting advise

If you are a parent, please enlighten us with your words of wisdom on raising children.


If you are a child, please enlighten us with what your parents have done that worked on you.

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Do not panic if your child swallows a quarter..., unless he poops out 2 dimes and a nickle ;)

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I would say it's a good idea to tell your children about things in the world like violence, sex, etc sooner rather than later. It's better if children are taught about these things properly by their parents, not by other kids at school, who might lead children into the wrong crowd. I was 13 when I learned what sex is by getting teased by classmates. I don't wish that upon anyone.

Shielding your children from the real world does not turn them into well rounded individuals, it turns them into softies who are removed from reality and will experience much stress and anxiety. Give your children the ability to think for themselves, make their own decisions and take responsibility and they won't turn out like I did, hating the world and suicidal at the age of 11.

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Sounds like good advice to me.

An honest relationship between parent/guardian and child is most vital to a trusting bond.

Society will eventually show them the truth and that can be toxic to a vulnerable child and can also break that bond of trust you have with them.

This in turn can cause the child to become rebellious which in turn exposes them to those very dangers the parent is trying to shield the child from.

You're right. One of the things my mother always tells me is that I have become the person she always warned me about ;)

Don't go outside without a coat, otherwise you will catch a cold

NO, Ma, I will just get really cold.

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My parents always taught me to be honest, but I found out that honesty is overrated in today's world.

They taught me that being able to cook for yourself is an important skill.

They taught me to be happy with what I have and that money doesn't always equal happiness.

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Openend(35) Disputed
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but I found out that honesty is overrated in today's world.

Honesty will never be overrated, maybe not the easiest way out, but definitely best way. So... how do I know if your telling the truth? :P

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Abuse them severely; that's the best way to ensure that they succeed you in the family business [when you are in jail].

Teach them to swear when they are young - you are never to early.

When you go to the store to look for some food that you can discreetly hide away in your deep pockets, teach them (at about the age of two or three) to sneak behind the counters and take money when nobody is looking.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Make sure that they know and understand that they are dumbasses and shall never get anywhere in life - ever!

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HONESTY!!! If you aren't honest with you children they are going to learn how to lie to you. Kids don't need nor want their parents to be their friends or their pals, they want parents! They want someone to show them what is right and wrong. Children need to be nurtured and cared for, but in a mature way. If you are shellfish person or mature, you shouldn't have kids in my opinion. But the biggest thing is that children need honesty. The truth. And that is not saying you should tell you kids everything, for example "I was a HUGE pot head in high school." Their is a limit. Be honest but only on a "need to know bases." Tell them about drugs and sex. Tell how to be safe, and if anything tell them to do drugs for the first time with you. (Father/mother and son/daughter first beer/cigarette/joint/whatever). That way your kids feel safe to come to you with anything, because they trust you and they know that their parents aren't going to flip out or go crazy. That's another thing, keep you're cool when it comes to parenting. I know it is hard, kids are a pain in the ass. But if they know that you may get upset or angry or disappointed they should always know and feel that they can come to you because you are a safe person they can trust.

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Don't be afraid to spoil your baby by picking them up and holding/loving them.

Don't be afraid to follow your heart and not the "experts" (the drs, the friends, the in-laws)

Do always pray for your child.

Do dicipline the right way, with love.

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