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A conspiracy theory

If robot technology has advanced to the point where robots can start to replace humans en mass,
and there are many companies that employ a large work force that can be replaced with robots,
but said companies need an excuse to lay off said workers so that those workers can be replaced with robots...

Do those companies then go to the government and say, "Hey listen, let's have a chat over a few Mexican beers.  We need an excuse to lay off our workers so that we can replace then with robots.  The economy is going to take a massive hit but in the long run, there will be a massive return.  Those laid-off workers will need a living wage.  The other workers will need to be told that the world as they know will be a lot different.  What can you do?"

Would the government then respond with, "We've got just the thing.  We just need a name for it.  Hey, this Mexican beer is pretty good ;)"


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Whilst susceptible to occasional technical hitches robots are not prone to contracting human diseases and can be relied upon to complete the designated functions with minimal, if any, interruptions.

For instance, this latest Chinese virus will have no affect on the performance of the tireless robots.

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People shouldn't believe everything they read on the internet ;)

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