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A descent proposal for these trying times

No one knows if there's a life after death nor what that's like. So it would be prudent to plan for it now. Which is why I want to extend the following deal to anyone who reads this an accepts the terms and conditions.

The deal: If I die before you, I will save you a seat. If you die before me, you will save me a seat. My daughter asked me how I know there will be chairs. I don't. But I have no intentions of standing for all eternity.

The terms and conditions: We do not know how many chairs we can save nor for how long. Therefore, the only requirement is that you try to save a seat within the parameters they have set.

How to accept: Simply post "I accept" to this post. As soon as I "like" your post, the deal will become binding.

I used to make this offer only to people older than me but then I realized that I could maximize my chances of getting a seat if I were to extend the offer to everyone. It is for this reason that I encourage everyone to do the same. Just post this text to your Facebook page or text/email it to everyone you know.

Remember, there are just 2 things we are sure of in this world; death and taxes. Given these uncertain times, I suggest you act now. Also, we are all stuck at home, bored. This is something to do and it is risk free. You have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time and you already used up a few seconds reading this. If nothing else, think of the entertainment value. In other words, temporary relief from boredom.

Finally, I do not want to sound like a commercial but..., we are all in this together.


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Wait..., what? No!

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We are all looking for entertainment while we wait to die ;)

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