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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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A fetus is just one phase of a human's life.

There are 4 phase in the life of a butterfly.

A germinatmed seed can remain dormant for years
waiting for the right conditions
to sprout and grow.
It is alive.

a fetus alive.
It is just one stage in a human's life.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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The argument that it is just a clump of cells is misleading. ;)

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Good point. I mean, the same is true of human adults too. Just a larger clump of cells.

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Yes!!! One down, half the American population to go ;)

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I agree. If a fetus is "just a clump of cells" and that makes it okay to kill it, then technically everyone is a clump of cells and effectively, murder is legal.

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Dermot(4426) Disputed
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If a fetus is "just a clump of cells" and that makes it okay to kill it

A fetus is reliant on the mother for sustenance and the use of her body over which it has no right , so yes it’s fine to terminate

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You geniuses have it all figured out.

Fortunately, the Republican Party will never allow abortion to be made illegal.

That’s right, the REPUBLICAN party.

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Fortunately, the Republican Party will never allow abortion to be made illegal.

Yes, we will allow abortion to be made illegal. Republicans, and conservatives in general, are pro-life.

That’s right, the REPUBLICAN party.

Whoa, really?

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Rusticus(866) Disputed
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Abortion is one of the greatest vote getting tools the GOP has ever had. The GOP can count on you and all of the other anti-abortion minions to march to the polls and vote GOP because they constantly tell you that if you vote for them they'll outlaw abortion. They won't. They never will.

Why do you suppose it is that when the GOP holds not only the White House, but BOTH Houses of congress, you don't hear one little peep about doing what they've promised you they'd do which is to ban abortion?

It's because they know that KEEPING ABORTION LEGAL means that they can CAMPAIGN AGAINST IT over and over, election cycle after election cycle FOREVER, because you never catch on. Decade after decade they lead you around like you've got a ring in your nose and get you to vote GOP with the same old lie.

Here's the other thing: THINK for a minute about what the real implications of an abortion ban would be. It would create huge social upheaval. Pretty young middle class white girls would start dying again from back alley abortions, and the mothers of those girls would be RIOTING in the streets. The bodies of every single one of those dead girls would be hung around the necks of the GOP AND the EVANGELICAL movement and the Republican party would cease to exist - forever.

Of course the GOP leaders know this, which is why the LAST entity to actually bring about an end to abortion is the GOP.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
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