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I want my benefits!!! What happened to rape/pillage?
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An argument for free education.

I want my benefits!!!

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What happened to rape/pillage?

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We could have a better military, better education, better healthcare etc. if we would JUST ACCEPT THAT TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS IS WRONG, and tax the rich already!!!

Republicans still want to tax the poor. Why? This is stupid. I don't care about your gold toilet.

Side: I want my benefits!!!
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Quality, well-funded, public education is an essential part of a democratized society such as ours. Since the power of democracy resides in the hands of the common man who votes for people to represent him, it is important that the voter be well-educated. A well-educated person understands the nature of reality and is much harder to manipulate. The best safeguard against tyranny isn't some drunk redneck with a pheasant gun, it's a well-educated populace.

In addition to the fact that a quality public education is essential to the survival and functionality of a democratic society like ours, it is also essential to a high tech workforce such as ours, in order to stay competitive on this new-fangled "global market." While I do abhor the idea of globalization, it seems that we are being drug into it, so to avoid the US falling even further behind the rest of the world, education is essential.

With all that being said, it drives me bonkers that the Scandinavian Countries are out-doing us in education (as well as many other things). I was raised to believe that the US was the best country in the world. It is embarrassing that a region that people left to come to America for a better life, is surpassing us in so many ways.

Side: I want my benefits!!!

The U.S. can maintain superiority through fire power ;)

Side: I want my benefits!!!

Socialism works best in countries like Germany and Sweden where most of the population wants to contribute to society.

Side: I want my benefits!!!

I think it has to do with the relatively small size of those countries. ;)

Side: I want my benefits!!!
Rotbart(100) Disputed
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It has worked just fine here in the US in the past (from the 50s up till and beyond the 80s). We used to have the best quality of life, the best public educations system, we landed a man on the moon and we had the least abject poverty in the developed world. The US used to be something. Now the idea of "what can I do for my country," has become, "(if I am rich) what can my country do for me"?

However, socialism is still working with our fire departments, our roads, our police, our military (the last thing we have that we can actually say is the best in the world), and the VA (I've had nothing but great experiences with the VA).

It works just fine, when it is allowed to work.

Now, since I know "socialism" is a four letter word in this country, let me throw out a disclaimer: while socialism does solve some problems better than private enterprise (military, fire departments, police, roads, healthcare, libraries, education, etc), it does not produce consumer goods very well. So, I am not a socialist, I just know that corporations cannot fix everything any more than the government can. It's a matter of practical, pragmatic application.

Side: What happened to rape/pillage?
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