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cute and cuddly mean little bastards
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 cute and cuddly (6)
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Are penguins cute and cuddly or mean little bastards

cute and cuddly

Side Score: 7

mean little bastards

Side Score: 5
2 points

From a distance.

Side: cute and cuddly
1 point

Most of them are cool but just like people some can be a little confrontational.

And those Brit penguins.... forget about it....

Side: cute and cuddly

Oh I would so punt that little mother ;)

Side: cute and cuddly

I only know one penguin, and he seems a decent enough sort, though his arrogant nationalism irks me so.

Side: cute and cuddly

I think penguins are adorable and I like the walk they have.

Side: cute and cuddly
1 point

I drew a penguin today artistro ! They are very cute and cuddly!

Side: cute and cuddly
3 points

Close up.

Side: mean little bastards

That cute and cuddly crap is movie magic, nothing like the real thing ;)

Side: mean little bastards