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Here's my list. Wait..., what? No!!!!
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 Here's my list. (1)
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Are there any down sides to culture mixing.

Here's my list.

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Wait..., what? No!!!!

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It depends on the culture. Is there a downside to mixing Cambodian khmer rouge culture with old British Imperialist culture? I expect so.

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I dont think so. Im no expert on biology or antrho stuff but i think i remembered reading once that mixing bloodlines can help prevent birth defects?

and another reason is you can make some beautiful babies and people when mixing different races. like Asian and blacks, or latino and Caucasian, what have you. besides we are all human beings and evolved from the same original group of peoples so their should be no partitions between us. god bless.

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AlofRI(3294) Clarified
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That's what I said, no borders (partitions). Also, not having religions fighting amongst each other for the right to proclaim THEIRS the true "god", our cultures would mix much more peacefully. THAT would truly be a blessing, God or not.

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There are downsides to BORDERS. If we didn't have borders there would be , eventually, ONE culture. That would remove 90% of the causes of war!

Wait, we'd still have religions ......

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Culture is a very complex subject. I assume that by culture "mixing" you are referring to mixed culture kids, and not cultural appropriation. Of course there's nothing wrong being raised into an amalgamation of cultures, no matter how funny your memes try to be.

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