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 Boys are so lucky (7)

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Boys are so lucky

They have boners to tell them that they are horny.  Girls are like, "Am I horny or am I hungry?  Maybe I am just bored.  I don't know.  I don't have a dick."

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That is definitely an interesting take. But sometimes we get boners for no reason and it's like' "What is it boy? Did you see something?" ;)

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The thing is that just because a boy has a boner doesn't mean he isn't just hungry, or bored, or a breeze came through,

or maybe he stumbled upon a debate that was posted by, say, you; with that icon.

(How do you spell: ugggghhhhh?)

Males has the full dominance in terms of reproduction and role in the society. But at the same time this advantages turns into a nightmare for themdue to their machismo mentality

1. They are looked down upon when they cry

2. Their friends are not there when they needed affection

3. No matter how much they crave for skin contact, they cant

More complaints are made by women because men ends up killing themselves first

Small price to pay for our companion throughout life ;)

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Men don't have dominance in society and reproduction because of their gender anymore. This isn't the 1300's.

Centifolia(1318) Disputed
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In the role of reproduction, men do not get pregnant, has no cravings, can pee anywhere they want, and takes only 10 seconds to get aroused

In terms of society, men are still in dominance because they are rational more than emotional, has strength for heavy jobs and does not need much attention

In individual terms, men are lucky. But in the long run, women has the higher chance of survival because of the strong organization and mental support.