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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Buddhism is pro drugs.

How else can you be expected to reach Nirvana?


Not only are Buddhists on drugs, they are lazy.

All they want to do is sit around all day,

with their bed sheets wrapped around them,

doing nothing,

except maybe listening to some Floyd.

Buddhists are bad for the economy.

This lifestyle also promotes obesity,

since they just sit around all day

not doing any exercise.


When a Buddhist tells you that he is meditating

he is actually medicating.



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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Seriously, most Buddhists are on LSD or some form of hallucinogenic drugs ;)

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A Buddhist taking drugs is like a Muslim or a Jew eating pork.

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You're right. And I have plenty of Jewish friends who eat pork. The ball is now on your court ;)

Oh, yeah, and I know of Muslims who drink and frequent strip clubs ;)

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Idiotic down vote.

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It's fun to tap a Buddhist on their little bald head ;)
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Verukter(44) Disputed
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I hope you know that this is considered to be very disrespectful to a Buddhist.

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They should stop taking themselves too seriously and loosen up ;)

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I won't argue that no Buddhist takes drugs because I'm sure some do even though it is forbidden, a bit like a Jew eating Pork etc I'm sure it happens but it doesn't make the whole religion pro drugs. Meditation is all about freeing your mind, this can be done using drugs but that is a short cut, to meditate properly your mind has to be clear which it isn't when your high, a lot of Buddhists meditate before breakfast then go about their day, then before bed. As for your mind obesity claim, I have one thing to say Shaolin Monks those dudes are ripped!!

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Wait..., wait..., are you saying that not all Christians are homophobic? Dude, you just blew my mind ;)

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TheAshman(2299) Clarified
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Its true I've actually met some, now wait for your mind to be truly blown, I even met a gay couple who are Christians and were married in a church!!

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Some Buddhist probably take drugs, but I wouldn't say they're pro-drugs.

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Really? I thought all that incense was really pot ;)

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The 5th Precept I took when becoming Buddhist was:

"I undertake the precept to refrain from intoxicating drugs."

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Shaolin monks. Maybe the fittest people on the planet? They're Buddhist... and veggie.

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Taking any intoxicant is a violation of the 5th precept of Buddhism. Meditation can not be practiced while intoxicated.

Supporting Evidence: 5 precepts (
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Oh, come on!!! Really??? Master Buddhist claim to be able to float while meditating and the other Buddhist claim to have seen it. Someone's on drugs ;)

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Buddhists do not practice levitation.

Yet another Western misconception.

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