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Pffft... Wait..., what? No!!!
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Can Parkland students wage an effective war against the status quo?

They were born onto the internet 
but can they wield it as effectively 
as Luke Skywalker wields his lightsaber?


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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First of all, Luke lost a hand the first time he went up against a real challenge ;)

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On the other hand, I have five more fingers ;)

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I mean......was Luke REALLY all that effective? If they handled it the way Luke handled proton torpedo's then yeah....they may kick some serious behind. But Luke's saber skills weren't all that great if you think about it.

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What I don't understand is that most serial killers are Democrats. Maybe we should make it illegal for Democrats to own guns. ;)

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Mint_tea(3939) Clarified
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Pfff..... burn.

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