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Sure. Hell, no!!!
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Hell, no!!!

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As someone who in the past few years changed their mind about religion, I have to say yes; someone can change their mind when presented with facts, and when facts aren't presented. I'll explain.

It started off about 10 years ago when I was presented with facts about how the universe and our planet began and contrary to what I was taught as a child about creation and all that nonsense, facts are facts and creation didn't work with them. I researched and found new ways to interpret the Bible to allow for the big bang, billions of years and an old earth, but then just a couple years ago I was faced with the dilemma of Adam and Eve. Though I had reconciled an old earth to fit the narrative, I had never considered Adam and Eve. I did some more research, found a man called John Walton and his book "The Lost World of Adam and Eve" and once again made sense of it. As I read the Bible more I found more inconsistencies but was unable to find proof of any of it happening.

So because of new information from reality, and a lack of information from religion, I changed my mind.

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We accumulate our opinions from a variety of sources, sometimes without questioning the validity of the information and thereby assume we have gained knowledge which may be true or false.

It takes critical intelligence to differentiate between the two and the necessity to change our minds.

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Very unlikely ;)

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Progressives can't deal with any facts nor can they deal with reality !

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just because you state the facts does not mean that they are going to change their mind. They could not believe what you are saying.

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I guess it depends on the person and how ingrained that idea or belief is in them. Some people will hang on tooth and nail to something they want to use that will fit their own agenda, philosophy and even personality, regardless of how many facts you present to the contrary.

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Let's take our average human and name him John Doe. You can think of John as any human being regardless of race gender or religion who's mind you want to change.

You can throw facts at John.

You can yell at John.

You can say "moron" to John Doe all you want.

You can beg John to change his behavior.

You can throw sticks and stones at John and threaten to sew his mouth to someone else's ass to make one long digestive track if he doesn't change his mind.

You can show him beautiful life inspiring stories of people who succeeded by disagreeing with him.

You can offer him Kate Upton for life and a trillion dollars.

But ultimately, it's his decision when he wants to change his mind, not yours.

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Rarely. The brainwashing done in youth is hard to change without decades of experience that contradicts your view. And even then, usually no.

Side: Hell, no!!!