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Can you get your braces caught while licking rug?

How else can this happen.... unless you're licking rug?


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I don't know. It looks pretty real to me and there are more videos of the same thing, different girl.... so.... you decide, can you get your braces caught while licking rug? How many of you out there lick rugs and how many of you have braces? :)

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Dare I poke the zombie that is a thousand days old? XD

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So...., are you a rug licker. ;)

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I thought you were using rug interchangeably with pussy. Guess my mind is in the gutter ;)

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Actually I was. It's just that this is a PG site so I have to be careful. ;)

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Wouldn't want to give any kids sex-ed before they are ready for it =P

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