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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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--- Conspiracy Theory ---

The Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots with each other.  The Democrats need to act like they really care about the people.  But in reality, they don't give a hoot.  That's why they allowed the Republicans to steal the Supreme Court nomination hat became available during Obama's term.  The Democrats secretly want the Supreme Court to do away with all the liberal bullshit Obama administration pushed through.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Sheeple, wake up and smell the coffee! You are being played! Politicians are playing both sides against the middle! They want us to fight each other or stay glued to the TV, watching stuff that just doesn't matter! But hey, that's just conspiracy theory ;)

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The truth is that you are kind of right, but for a totally different reason. At the end of the day they are both capitalists, and that means what truly rules this country is money. The president and congress doesn't control the economy, the Jews like Rothschild and Soros control it.

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Now THAT "IS" a conspiracy theory! And not far more idiotic than many of the others! :-)

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How many idiots do you think will believe it? Because if there are more of them than more of us, we're in trouble ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
AlofRI(3293) Clarified
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I think there ARE to many, and we ARE in trouble! More of them than US? (Idiots I mean). That remains to be seen. It will take about a month, but, we'll find out just how MUCH trouble we're in! USA! USA! VOTE! (Whether you are Gerrymandered or NOT!)

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