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Absolutely! Wait..., what? No!!!
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Could it be that each new generation is weaker than the previous one?

The comparisons between Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, etc. seem to go from a tough, hearty stock, to a more brittle, delicate stock.

As Bill Cosby put it, his father walked 10 miles to school.  In 2 feet of snow.  Up hill.  Both ways!!!  And they ate dirt and they were grateful.

Gen Z throw out food on the expiration date.

Who are the people running out to get vaccinated?

Who are the one wearing masks?

Who gets offended the use of the wrong pronoun?

Who can't take a joke?

Maybe Gen Z is trying to build a kinder, gentler, world or maybe they are just a bunch of pussies.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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They claim to be "Woke" but when you consider their plan to make the world a better place you quickly realize that they are dreaming ;)

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Let's see how far this Cancel Culture will get ;)

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To date, the newest generation does get life easier than all previous ones.

This however does not make previous generations any tougher than their successors, just that they had more of an opportunity to gauge their toughness and ability to the endure the relative hardships of their era.

For a lot of people brought up in the 1940s and 50s life could be quite grim with food in short supply, adequate clothing, including footwear being unaffordable, cramped housing with small two bedroom dwellings accommodating up to eight to ten people.

''HAVE TO'', IS A GREAT MASTER, and when ''the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Most western generations of the late 20th century and all of the 21st century have been mollycoddled and showered with an array of counselling services which are made available for even the most trivial of experiences.

After WW2 there were millions of ex-service personnel who were discharged from the military, provided with a civvy suit and a few dollars and shown the door.

Even though the Health & Safety Brigade along with such organizations as Human Rights- hand wringers do their level best to pamper the young of new generations, most grow up into responsible adults able to handle the cut & thrust* of life, despite being wrapped in cotton wool as children.

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