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Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day

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All the freaking time. I'm not that important.
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 All the freaking time. (2)
 I'm not that important. (2)

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Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is out to get you?

All the freaking time.

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I'm not that important.

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Sometimes you should just stay in bed and surf the web ;)

Side: All the freaking time.
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All have to say is this man must be extremely lonely and I feel very sorry for the trauma he has faced.

Fuck God for making this happen.

Side: All the freaking time.

I buy it when I see his third arm or at very least see him glow in the dark.

Side: I'm not that important.

Dude..., the radiation turned his hair white!!! Isn't that enough ;)

Side: I'm not that important.