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Do you have some really high expectations for 2015?


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I have one big expectation. My big expectation is the beginning of a great 2016 election campaign, starting the prior year. I think Hillary will have a huge advantage. Although, that might change big time pretty soon. If she got out, I'd probably say Jeb Bush, but that's just me.

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Atrag(5553) Clarified
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Interesting. What do you think would really change in your country with that?

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ghostheadX(1104) Clarified
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I've heard Jeb Bush is a big supporter of Israel. That's why I'm a fan because I think he would do a lot for that. Hillary Clinton would be great also because she's the first female president...

None of the potential candidates have really gone into detail of their presidential plan. In fact, I might even change my mind about Hillary if she has a bad plan. I care, obviously, more about the actual plan than just who the person is. I mean, it matters who the person is but if their plan is bad... then that's a waste of time to vote for them.

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I share this big expectation. Though the result will not come until 2016, the year will be one of high hopes for a return to fiscal sanity, freedom from too much government, and renewed appreciation for our leadership role in the world.

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Well, at the very least I expect feminists/social Marxists to take a step back from the public eye, after their epic fail in the spotlight of 2014.

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Oh nice, a downvote without a dispute. Keepin' it classy, CD community ;)

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Maybe the economy will pick up and I'll have better lunch/suppers from the dumpster. In this economy the pickens are slim. I hope the fat cats get even fatter, so I can have what falls from the table. Nothing like a dumpster feast to get you through the day.

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I try not to have expectations at all. I'm not saying I succeed all the time, but I sure do try. Expectations lead to heartache and disappointment at the world just doing what it does, and that's not an emotionally healthy way to be.

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daver(1771) Disputed
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Gee that sounds overly pessimistic. Great enjoyment is to be had in the expectation of something good happening. Sometimes these expectations of good, become reality. Sometimes bad expectations do not become reality. In cutting yourself off from the pain, you also miss the pleasure. If you miss the pain and the pleasure of living, what's the point in continuing.

Please note that this not a suggestion to end your life, but an invitation to live it to the fullest. :-)

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MuckaMcCaw(1968) Disputed
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Great enjoyment is to be had in the expectation of something good happening.

Unless and until it doesn't. In the mean time, if you aren't expecting something good to happen, and it does, you get enjoyment that is IMMEDIATELY validated. That, to me, is true joy.

In cutting yourself off from the pain, you also miss the pleasure.

Only the pleasure that is built on nothing substantial. It is still quite possible to feel pleasure, believe you me.

Example: You are single and you meet someone who catches your fancy. You get her number. During whatever passage of time occurs between then and making your move you could have all these great expectations of things working out. Maybe, just maybe, she could even be the one. But at that point you have no idea how things are really going to go, or even who she really is. Statistically speaking, she probably isn't really the one, and who really knows if ANYTHING is going to happen. By holding out expectations that something will, you could be setting yourself up for a fall in any number of resolutions to that scenario.

Plus, there's ANOTHER problem: you could set these high expectations, but they only get partially met. I.E. you do hook up with her and its kind of nice but you soon realize she's not any where near the goddess you made her out to be. NOW you might be appreciating her less than you normally would because you prematurely held her to expectations she can't meet. Now you've gotten the basic scenario you wanted, but ended up limiting your own enjoyment of it.

Or you can get her number, make the call, go on the date and just let everything happen as it happens. If its a total disaster, you can just chalk that up to something that happens sometimes and move on knowing that not all your dates can be disasters (and if they are, it probably has something to do with yourself, so self-examination is in order).

But there will probably be a little something to be enjoyed from this date and whatever the relationship turns into. And your enjoyment of it will not be lessened just because you weren't expecting it to turn out this way. If its a wonderful thing its a wonderful thing independent of your prior, and limited, assessment of it.

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A religious enlightenment could occur perhaps, but I doubt religion will gain much notoriety this year.

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