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Do you read people's argument/debate description?

wing it
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In older debates where there is a lot going on I usually only read arguments if:

- I know a person (read a lot of their arguments in the past)

- Someone has many up votes

... Yeah, that's about it. If I'm going to add an argument though, I usually check out what the people w/ negatives had to say, just to get a better idea of what's been going on... and then I'll get all of the people w/ 0 or 1 votes. It's easier to get the 0's and 1's because they are typically pretty short.

I always read the debate description though.

Side: Yes in a way

Yes I do, but not all of them and not in their entirety. I try and find the gist of their argument and take it from there.

Side: Yes in a way
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Usually. Sometimes I'm just too busy or distracted to pay close attention. But they obviously put the description there for a reason. :)

Side: There for a reason
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I usually skim the descriptions for something that strikes my fancy or catches my attention. Or if it's a person whose style I like I may read it in its entirety.

Side: Yes in a way
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I'm so overwhelmed by the sheer number of arguments and debates that I just wing it and hope I get it right. Kinda like with spelling, I just pick a word form the list and hope it's the right one. This method allows me to argue on more debates than if I took the time to read what people have to say. I mean, it's not like they're gonna change my mind! I know they say that it's good to keep an open mind but I'm afraid that if I do that my brains will fall out.

Side: heck no
Bradf0rd(1431) Disputed
3 points

Maybe that's your problem. Stop spamming and pay attention. Your points will slow down but your efficiency will go up if your arguments are more relevant.

Maybe though, if you start doing that, there will be no joecavalry.

Side: heck no
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Now if only I took the time to read Bradford's response ;)

Side: heck no