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Don't ban guns because we are going to need our guns for when the shooting starts


Gun control means two hands on the gun.

And remember....

No matter how excited you are about buying your first gun, do not run around yelling 'I have a gun! I have a gun!'


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Wait..., what? No!

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We need some way to keep the masses at bay ;)

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well, if that's the motivation why stop at guns use nukes

edit: lmao just saw the date stamp is 10 years ago. most belated quip ive ever made.

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You have to draw the line somewhere ;)

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Well, I think we will be okay... the Occupy Rome protesters are smashing windows and burning police vans.... ours are smoking pot and defecating in the streets.

A political "movement"
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If we legalize smoking pot, then they'll be too stoned to care about the 1% and I can support them from home. It's a win-win situation ;)

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when the zombies come you'll be sorry when you don't have a gun to kill the undead hordes coming at you !!!

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I do believe that banning guns would ultimately save more lives then having them legal.

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15 people died just yesterday from a school shooting, 14 of them were children. We don't need freaking guns to live. Look at Europe, they hold together just fine.

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