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 Don't be fooled. She's peeing in the water. (5)

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Don't be fooled. She's peeing in the water.

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What the hell is wrong with you people? I know I'm twisted for posting this debate but the number of people that clicked on this link just baffles me. You don't have to leave a message, you know who you are. Do you people really want to see women peeing in water? Jesus H. Christ! No wonder the world is in the state it is in ;)

joecavalry(40157) Clarified
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I like her eyes ;)

joecavalry(40157) Clarified
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Well...., it's not like I can see her boobs ;)

Nahhh i don't think you are twisted for posting this debate. You just had form of humor and people have different form of humor. I clicked on this debate not knowing what i would see. I guess i was one of those birds flying past an oncoming car......flying (or clicking in this matter) without the use of my knowledge or surroundings.

The worst part is that she apparently likes to stay in her pee water.------------------------

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Seeing it, with the title, and the implications...I feel sick.

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Doesn't matter, had sex.