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Drunk Stoned
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Drunk VS Stoned

Do NOT try this at home,

or anywhere else for that matter.


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Actually either way is fine with me as long as the end result is the same.

either one is fine
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I don't support drunkenness over being stoned, both are dumb as fuck to do. However, I think the guy in the video was far less stoned than he was drunk and made it an unfair test.

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It all depends what your using, I now drink more often than get stoned but I've always enjoyed both, in my youth I used to do both at the same time because I'd be out partying for long periods I'd use a little bit of speed to keep partying, then have a smoke at the end of the night to chill out, not the healthiest lifestyle but it was fun.

Being drunk is a more social experience I believe that being drunk brings out the person you really are because it strips away societal "norms" and inhibitions, whilst being stoned is more of a personal journey and makes you more introspective, it makes you look at life in a different way.

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Finlay a topic worth debating.

I am officially contesting the results of this extremely scientific experiment. Joe, I'm sure you will convey my objection to these finding to the appropriate science police.

This contest was completely biased toward stoned.

Where was the "being in your home and the police come to the door on a noise complaint" contest?

Where was the "your girlfriend just broke up with you and you only get classic country on your radio singalong" contest?

Where was the "wanting to get in a fight and being able to justify that this random guy needs an ass-whooping" contest?

Where was the "I have a job that drug tests" contest?

Where was the "I'm going through D.T.s and don't want to have a seizure and die" contest?

Boom, five more points for drunk.

(Drop mike on stage.... Fall off stage.)

Side: Drunk

I usually become intelligently more capable when doing anything when I am stoned.

Either way u can lose your memory, but being stoned is more enjoyable.

Side: Stoned

When I was a teen, a bully threw a rock at my head and I had a painful bump for few days. I don't understand why anyone would want to get stoned. The people who get stoned to death in places like Iran don't seem to enjoy it either. ;)

Side: Stoned

Drunk makes you dumb and potentially sick. Stoned makes you the smartest person on earth inside your own mind without making you sick, and is wicked fun with other people.

Side: Stoned