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True. Wait..., what? No!
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Every woman is a doll - prove me wrong

Every woman is a doll.
Whether she's a
or Voodoo.
It's a roll of the dice.


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Wait..., what? No!

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It is the Annabelles that I'm afraid of ;)

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The impact that attractive women make on others is mirrored in the vocabulary we use to describe them, which is often full of bodily dysfunction.

Supporting Evidence: fireboy and watergirl (
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Egalitarianism may be popular with the Left but mother nature is no egalitarian. Very beautiful women do exist and they can be breathtakingly beautiful. The effect that beautiful women have on others is reflected in our language which is used to describe them, usually in the form of complete physical dysfunction. "Bombshell" "Drop dead gorgeous" "Stunner". I myself had the pleasure of seeing a very beautiful young woman walking through my local shopping centre and she was quite literally stopping traffic. I wondered who she was, when a few days later I saw the same young lady in my local newspaper. She was "Miss Teen NSW."

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