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Exactly just how accurate is gaydar?


If gaydar has been perfected, then gays should not be allowed into the military because the enemy could use gaydar to find the location of our troops.

Hmmm, now that I think about it...., we may be able to use some militant gay troops to lead the enemy into an ambush!  Gays should be allowed into the military.

Wow!  This can go either way ;)


 Maybe kittens should be allowed into the military ;)

I'm going to get flamed by some flaming....., never mind 

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If we have gays in the military then they will start taking over the positions currently held by female troops and sergeants would have to learn a new language because they wouldn't be able to say stuff like, "Alright ladies, I need a volunteer to get his ass out there and ream that snipper a new A-hole!" ;)

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If you're in any position to -dar, then it's pretty accurate. then again, I only gaydar on those I have good reason to believe are gay- the ultra conservative, super sensitive friend who always checks out guys asses, for instance, or the girl who seems to take every opportunity that presents itself to make out with other girls. Those people? Probably bi or gay. Otherwise, ehhhh, whatever.

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I've seen some gays hitting on straights which leads me to believe that gaydar hasn't been perfected yet ;)

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Hitting on someone doesn't mean the gaydar is simply means the person is attracted to the other. Gaydar usually works in my corner of the world and you just know.

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Hey, where you've been? We haven't seen you around lately. Hopefully, all is good :)

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