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Yup. They were always like that.
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They were always like that.

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But a gentleman always makes sure his lady is satisified.

Unless he is paying her. And in that case she just wants it over with anyway.

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What if his tongue cramped up? ;)

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Grenache(6053) Clarified
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Like a sex ninja every part of his body should be skilled.

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No, men have gotten more weak and submissive, which makes it seem like women are more aggressive now.

In the old days, men were real men (in a bad way) and tamed the "bitches". We don't tame them anymore. Now they are dogs let loose, like Hillary.

Side: They were always like that.
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So..., women are out there running wild? Women gone wild? ;)

Side: They were always like that.
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Ok we have to first stop and appreciate.....the name Manatee County Lockup. Awesome.

And yeah, before women's rights it was seen as a negative thing for a lady to be sexually aroused or horny, if you will. Now we just don't care, although that Get a toy if he's not that good.

Side: They were always like that.
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Every generation since the 60s has thought this.

And the only correct generation in saying it was the 60s generation.

They have gotten less valuable sexually. But not more aggressive sexually, unless you include LGBT lifestyles, they have not. If anything I think passion is less not more.

There is something really cool about penned up desire for another, and if it's that easy there is nothing to be passionate about. Any dog can make sex happen. That's not what I would say is aggressive. Aggressive is I must have you, and I can't do without you. And that's more than a night with some guy you happened to fall into bed with.

Good luck girls, I don't think it will turn out as you think.

Passion is greater than basic physical desire!


Side: They were always like that.