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 Hello :) (118)

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Hello :)

I'm new to this site the name is CandyCane. I'm a blonde, regular 18 year old girl.

So how does this all work? And are there any cute guys that i can talk to ;)

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Welcome to this CreateDebate. There are loads of debates to choose from. I believe there is over twenty thousand. The most active, popular, and new debates are on the front page. However, if you label your debate "Not suitable for work and school," it won't show up on the front page.

There are numbers under your username. Those are called points and you can use those to upvote a person argument. I don't know if your votes get diminished if you downvote somebody. Also, keep in mind, i find it appropriate for someone to downvote someone with a response. Some people don't do that and i find that immature. lol immaturity is not a bad thing, but in some cases i find it to be.

Im TheThinker btw. I believe i still have a bad reputation because of my "sick" debates. They are creeping on me again because some people are now responding to those debates which are really old. However, im not a bad person. I admit at times i am but im working on be a totally nice person that respects people.

There are ads on this website. The author of createdebate, Andy, is a great guy. He is the person to go too when you need help, advice, or somebody to talk too. There are many interesting people on here. JoeCalvary is a funny guy. Hellno2012 is funny as well. Saurababy is funny and nice. Tho, her comments and be honest that it may look like she is rude but honesty is the best policy. ReventonRage is ahonest too, and he is intelligent. Tho, he can be hurtful but the truth hurts IF it is the truth. Dunno. But i respect him. Ismalia and Srom are really religious and i find that interesting. They are both nice, sweet, but their religious side..........interesting but annoying considering the fact that there is no realiable evidence of God in my opinion. But i respect them too and they are worth to me as well everybody on this site. Chatturgha is intelligent too. I find him to be intelligent because of his arguments. I have my own sense to determine if someone is really intelligent. I can be wrong, however, for now im saying he is smart. :D

I don't know much about me to say. Um, i like taboo topics a lot and it got me into trouble. (yay Thinker, way to make a good first impression). I like creepy topics like ......... well i don't want to bother you but they interest me. Outside of this debating life, i think im normal. I go to school and i want to become a rapper. Everybody in college, thinks im annoying i probably got higher than most stupid on my first Differential Equations Quiz. (Yay, in their face! :D)

Also, if you don't mind, Click on a few ads to give Andy some money. I just click and go back to debate. Takes like two seconds.

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Dude! You're the welcome wagon! Hey, I think you still have me blocked from messaging you... I tried to message you last week but couldn't???

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Wow man! Im happy to know that you commented me. I guess this is like us starting over. lol. I do remember blocking you from debates but i don't remember blocking you from messaging. I will check into that but im not sure if i ever did block you. :)

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That should be the official welcoming greeting, maybe someone should make a banner for it.

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Thank you so much for the very kind introduction. :) I trust you are right about the people you spoke about because everyone seems to be agreeing with you :)

My pleasure. :) When i reread my comment, i feel like im kind of insulting Saurbaby. She is a nice and funny person. :)

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Wow, Thank You!

The Thinker, you have really outdone yourself and I appreciate it. What a welcome you mind if I copy it?

BTW, I don't think there are any bad feelings from your initial debates on the site. Besides, after the string of new visitors (some of which have caused significant waves here), you seem have mastered how to take a taboo topics and make it appropriate.

Oh, and I added the NSFW category in your honor. It is a place to take those somewhat too off topics debates and still have them.

Thanks for being a valued member of the community.


Thankyou Andy. I feel teary. I really appreciate time to time that you kept me on your site. It tells how nice you are.

Yeah, i did notice the NSFW category. :) Thank you. It is a great category for taboo topics but, im want to hold back. In the beginning, i wanted to express my thoughts because it troubled me. You can say i used this site as a therapy resource. However, there are debates that i personally feel are too sickening. Im afraid to give you examples because i push these thoughts in the back of mind everyday and i don't want to disturb the peace of your mind and others. Yeah i do have a trouble mind but that is when i only think about these type of stuff. However topics like cannibalism, zoophilia, and necrophilia sounds ok to express.

Heck yea!!!! It would be an honor for you to copy it. However, i believe some changes need to be made, like how i stated i did good on my math quiz. And now when i re read my comment, i see a lot of typos. You know whatever you want to it. :)

hi, a/s/l? I am assuming you know the drill ;)

1 point

lol i do 18/f/usa you? :)

WOW!!! 18/m/usa

Want to cyber? :P

BTW, there's a 50 character limit but just put spaces and a period and we'll get through this.

Honey, don't listen to these guys...joe's a perv and hellno...well, a googly-eyed MFer...if you want real cybering, talk to me...vets know all the tricks ;)

Liber(1730) Clarified
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EDIT: ah, I get it now.

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It's from the AOL dial-up days of the internet. I haven't seen anybody use it in years.

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Hello Miss Cane and welcome aboard... although something tells me you aren't new to the site.

I saw her first you googly eyed MF! BTW, how many times can I use that before it gets old ;)

1 point

Dammit Joe! You have to share! I got nothin' since Sunset left!

As for the googly eyed MF... I don't know, it's not old yet! LOL

1 point

Hi cutie. what's your a/s/l ?

4 points

82 male Botswana ;)

We are so freaking, certifiably, dysfunctional ;)

1 point

I am so sure it's beyond that Joe.... lol Nice job though.

Do you think that Candy Cane will come back ever again? ;)

1 point

Hey baby! Don't leave me hangin' for long!

1 point

Oh it's simple candycane, just send $9.99 to my paypal each month to maintain membership... (shush, everyone)

1 point

Hahaha I'll send some money your way if you send something my way ;)

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Hello :)

Dude..., you're too late. You have to get it while the getting's good ;)

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Cute guy #1, at your service. ;)

at your service? What..., are you going to pump gas into her car? ;)

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You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Trying to double team a newbie. And a young newbie at that. Why don't you take on a real woman. One who is closer to your age. You freaking perverts.

2 points

Why Betty, you almost sound jealous. Do you really want to have to deal with Joe and that googly eyed MFer?

1 point

Bettyjoe is right. I bet that if you guys banged that poor girl hard, her perky boobs wouldn't even move like mine.

1 point

Wow! There's a lot of talk about boobs on the site today? Please... do go on... LOL

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I say we find out!

1 point

Okay! I'm game! Where is this real woman?

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Hey hey! I'm a real women!!!! :p

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Welcome to the site :) what is up with some of these posts? Do people really cyber off the cuff like that? I suppose I did a couple times back when I was your age - not that im old (28), what part of the US are you from, Im up here in NH.