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I have converted... Jesus who?
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How many people have you ever convinced to accept Jesus as their personal savior?

I have converted...

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Jesus who?

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I have converted zero people but the main reason is because I hate crowds so I'm hoping most people end up in Hell in order to limit the number of people I have to interact with in heaven;)

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It is not the number that matters. One person who accepts Jesus is something worth celebrating. I would celebrate if one person became a Christian and if millions of people became Christian i would also celebrate. I would love it if all 7 billion people became Christian, But if that is not God's will then i will not happen and i follow what God wants because he is above all knowledge and understanding.

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So..., how often do you get to celebrate ;)

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Considering that the number doesn't matter for determining the quantity of celebrations, that should be once.

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Probably none you cant convince anyone to accept Jesus.

One may sow a point that strikes something inside someone. God may use another thing to water,

There is no way convince someone of Jesus. The only way to be convinced of Jesus is by revelation of Him by the Spirit.

Our input is to reason and show the truth hopefully soften hearts to be open to His revealing. If it stirs some to seek Him then thats great.

But Jesus is known by revelation and understanding. You cant know Him by being convinced. You become convinced by knowing Him. Seek and you will find. The best I can do is open someone up to seek Him.

And hopefully our posts strengthen other believers, or turn sheep from deceptions, or open others later to seek Him.

Who knows maybe our posts will keep others from bowing during the great tribulation.

Things are going to get like great tribulation at Biblical proportions. So these posts may linger to help others.


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KNHav(1957) Disputed
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You have unknowledgeable sourses. ..........................................

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"Our righteousness is like filthy rags before Him." What does it mean?

It is explained in this parable below.

(See Matthew 22!)

Wedding clothes are coverings. Imagine Jesus legally purchased all the dust back from under the fall, our flesh that makes up a bodily covering for our souls.

One set of dust is cleansed and made new, and in His nature. The other "garment" is like the nature of Cain, wrestling with the ground to produce "the best" and "the worste" of mankind's nature.

All bodies will be returned to each disembodied soul. A disembodied soul IS the brokenness of man since the fall, "dust to dust."

Lost souls wander lost, in the hopelessness and brokenness of man in the Hell in the middle of the earth. Jesus gives to us who believe in Him the hope of restoration in Him. Sealing us in faith by being born again by His Spirit.

Jesus was the Bread who was broken for us, in order to make us whole again. This is the resurrection to Salvation. Others will be resurrected into filthy rags. Not wedding clothes.

In case you ever wondered "saved from what?"

So in the end when everyone has their bodies is returned to them, those not cleansed and made new through the work of Christ will be "as filthy rags" referencing "menstrual rags"

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Actually the work is done by the holy spirit. You can talk to someone one on one and you will talk in vain. And you can talk to a crowd without having anyone particular in mind but you will have an unexpected number converting.

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