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Thanks aunt Jolie! Wait..., what? No!!!
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 Thanks aunt Jolie! (6)

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How not to be homophic.

Thanks aunt Jolie!

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I'm still not sure what a transgender marriage is. Same with bisexual marriage. ;)

Side: Thanks aunt Jolie!
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This video helped me become less homophobic ;)

Side: Thanks aunt Jolie!
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While watching that video, I found myself fixating on the narrators face, which was kind of creeping me out- Does that make me Uglophobic? :))

Side: Thanks aunt Jolie!
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I have no idea because he has not released a video on that ;)

Side: Thanks aunt Jolie!
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LOL!! Well, I guess I'll just have to be infophobic til then :)) p.s. Happy New Year Joe-lie!!

Side: Thanks aunt Jolie!
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