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How to create the debate site you always wanted.

Every once in a while people complain about the site and say that the level of debates and arguments are sub par.

Some people complain about too many religious debates.
Others about personal attacks and trolls.
They talk about leaving the site.

But the problem is not the site.  The site attracks very many different types of people with different styles and level of debating skills.  There are different age groups, nationalities, political persuations, religions, education, etc.  You are bound to meet a lot of people you don't like and/or agree with. 

This site has mechanisms in place that allow you to find the people you enjoy debating with.  You can use the site's capability to search for the the types of debates that interest you.  You can read through the arguments and identify people you want to argue with.  You can then use the site's capability to create your own community and use the site's message capability to invite those people to your community.  If undesirebles show up, the site offers the capability to ban them.

In short:

There's no reason to look for another site; build the site you envision and moderate it the way you think it ought to be run using the capabilities provided by the site.

If you build it, they will come.

Hopefully not in your eye.

Thanks uncle joe

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You're the problem joe

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We probably need a theist community AND an atheist community and they can have "meets" where they go to the other community to stir the pot and piss them off ;)

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Here is my community.

Like minded individuals can post there OR, select the little star next to your debate tittle and select Joe_Cavalry All Day Every Day check box to have it automatically posted there.

There's no reason to ever read a non-joecavalry debate ever. ;)

NOTE: if you post directly on the community, please make sure to click on the star next to your debate title and select CreateDebate. Otherwise the general public will not see your debate.

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If you build it, they will come.

Hopefully not in your eye.


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Joe, well said! That is all I can say! Wait, and thank you!

Side: Thanks uncle joe

I've actually looked through the other CD communities and they are all dead. The vast majority of them only have a few members, and even the ones with lots of members have almost no activity. So, even if I do create a new one, it will most likely be just as lifeless as the rest of them. Even the main CD community only has a handful of active debaters.

Side: Thanks uncle joe

The trick is to find people who wants/likes to debate with you and you show them how to use the community feature. Then you agree to become regulars there. Maybe you can even schedule a time to fight. You know..., you could be like, "You want a piece of this? Huh, punk? Tomorrow, right here at 3:00." and you give him the link to your community. Then if you get a lot of people to join up, you can call them your home boys ;)

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Well said! And I just answered on this side to even things out... I wouldn't want Joe's head to get any bigger. ;)

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