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 How to determine if you're on the road to homelessness (21)

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How to determine if you're on the road to homelessness

1.  Every homeless person I have seen is either a single mom or a vet.  Their cardboard sign says so.

2.  Every homeless person is very religious.  Their cardboard signs say, "God Bless You!"

3.  Homeless people don't shave.

4.  Homeless people wear dingy clothes.

5.  Homeless people are thin.

6.  Homeless people are always looking for work.  Their cardboard sign says so.   They just don't use the classifieds to look for work.  They expect you to do that for them and tell them about any job openings.

7.  Homeless people have backpacks to carry their worldly belongings.

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No one is going to hire someone who looks like a bum so they can't quite exactly go out and snatch one up. What are they going to do about a resume? Or how about an application? They can't get a job without having an address. The best they can hope for is to make enough money to eat. And alcoholism is a serious issue as well. That doesn't just dissapear when they suddenly feel inspired to get a job.


Being homeless is like falling into a water well. You never intended to end up there, yet there you are, and it doesn't matter how you got there either. It's a long way to the top and all you can do is to try and claw your way up even though you know you are just going to do is hurt your fingers. You hope for somone to pass by and lower the bucket, but when they do they just end up thinking you're just a heavy drinker.

Maybe they can't get government housing because they're white ;)

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In Australia they can still get the dole and assistance from many charities such as the numerous soup kitchens etc

Also not all are alcoholics or even druggos'.

When i was on the streets there was none of this assstance except for the soup kitchen. I got a small job in a tavern stacking a dishwasher for twenty bucks a day.

I met a lot of other homeless people . I met a vietnamese woman , by the name of Suzy.

When Suzy came to Australia a long time ago , she worked hard and eventually brought a home ,and invited relatives from vietnam to come live with her.

Suzy didnt mind a drink , but her strict family rejected her and ejected her from her own home. Her drinking became , a lot worse and saddly , for her there is no going back.I would often give Suzy half my smokes , a feed and a coffee. But i always refused to give her money.

Then there was dear sweet OLD Katherine. She used to sleep on the trains at night. Sometimes when the winters were too cold , she would go to her sisters for a bit.But it was never too long before i would bump into her again. I used to love having lunch and a chat with 72 year old Kath. And knowing for a fact she did not drink , i would sometimes give her money.

Then there was the BITCH lady. I could not care less what her name is /was. She is filthy rich. When she came into her fortune , her distant adult children came with their hands out. Bitter and resentful for their sudden change of interest in her,she locked her fortune into a trust for her dogs . She left her home behind and her money grubbling adult kids and began life on the street. So she is not noticed by her bloodsucking kids she wraps herself in rags like as though she is bandaged.The only time i had seen her face was when she took the rags off to bathe in the public toilet block . I call her the "bitch lady" because she is such a snooty , bitter old cow. And she was nasty to Katherine. The most ive given her is a mouthful of abuse and the finger.

And then there was old Cess , he WAS an alcoholic through to the core. Every few months , usually when he was having a bad day, (usually after shitty teens taunting him into a rage) , the mission beat van or the cops would come pick him up to dry him out. But they would only turn him back onto the streets after a short rehab stay , within weeks. Eventually they came and got him for the last time.

Some in fact do chose to be homeless.

Some dont .

But suprisingly in todays society of benefits such as "young homeless allowance " most do chose to be there.

We also have emergency accomodation.

At the moment in Australia , most of these places are full , so the government Australian Housing department has begun putting people in $200+ a night hotels, payable by the working citizens of Australia.Considering the last people ,who i knew, took up this un-needed assistance , stayed at a hotel for six weeks,costing over thousands in total and then got further assistance , all whilst they received their parenting pensions ,I think some of these "homeless" people have it easier then us working , bill paying, tax paying citizens.

PLEASE NOTE: I cant speak of other contries as i wouldnt know.

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First of all, I'd like to start by saying that I wasn't attempting to label the homeless as addicts. I was just stating that addiction is a serious issue among the homeless.

I am poor. However, I am not homeless, and that I am thankful for. I wish I had the experience to really understand other ways of life, but as it is I am stuck in my position. I live in America. It is hard for me to watch TV and see all these shows about celebrities and their glorious lives. It's all very fake to me. Sure, they may donate one million dollars here to the hungry or another million there to the sick, but they really don't care. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice. They just want the popularity. They just want more money. More profit. It makes me sick to the stomach. I find it hard to believe that people are willing to go and die for a system as skewed as this. There should be no rich or poor. There should just be people.


But maybe I'm wrong and maybe it is human nature to leech off of others and hord prosperity. Maybe it is all about monetary gain. Maybe it is all about financial natural selection. I don't know anymore. It is hard to be a free thinker in a country that tries to label and package everything.

I saw this chic trying to pass as a homeless person except she wasn't a single mom or a vet.

Her sign said "God bless you" but it was nicely cut as though she used a pair of scissors.

She didn't have a beard or a mustache.

She had a clean white shirt. Maybe she spend some of her money on detergent and the Laundromat.

She was over weight. Probably from eating all those cheap Big Macs ;)

Her sign said she was looking for work but when I suggested a few she had an excuse for not performing that job.

She didn't have a back pack so I don't know where she kept the scissors that she used to cut her sign or the laundry detergent to wash her shirt or anything.

Maybe she wasn't homeless. Maybe she was hitch hiking across the USA. But the going rate is gas, grass or ass and she didn't seem to have either ;)

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1. Every homeless person I have seen is either a single mom or a vet. Their cardboard sign says so.

Or they have a vendetta against a certain ninja.

2. Every homeless person is very religious. Their cardboard signs say, "God Bless You!"

^See above link, guy does not say "God Bless You"

3. Homeless people don't shave.

Not quite, this guy had a beard and he makes millions playing football.

4. Homeless people wear dingy clothes.


5. Homeless people are thin.

This guy is not thin. trhohosi.jpg

Though his sign does say "God Bless You", so I guess that's a point for you.

6. Homeless people are always looking for work. Their cardboard sign says so. They just don't use the classifieds to look for work. They expect you to do that for them and tell them about any job openings.

No, they their are many things that they want and it is not always a job.¤t;=klingonhomelesssign.jpg¤t;=a145_h8.jpg

7. Homeless people have backpacks to carry their worldly belongings.

Students have backpacks.

^Notice no beard, sign, or determination to find a job. I also have a hunch that she has never served in the armed forces.

Side: Kinda

I'm not saying that ONE of these 7 things condem you to homelessness. I'm saying that the more of these things you have, the closer you are to being homeless.

Side: Kinda
1 point

oh no!

I am thin.

I havent waxed my mistache for a while now.

I am not looking for work either.

I eat maccas'.

I have scissors.

But no sign.

And some washing to do!

But im out of laundry detergent.

But i have a backpack.

"God Bless" me.

Side: Kinda

I got five out of seven, does this qualify me as Homeless?

Haven't shaved

Wear dirty clothes (Do mechanical work)

Carry everything I need with me

Always looking for work

Of thin design

This does explain the free meals I get.

Side: Kinda

All you need now is a sign and you're in business ;)All you need now is a sign and you're in business ;)

Side: Kinda

I am a 14 year old kid.

I am thin.

Most of my belongings are in a backpack.

I say "God Bless You" all the time.

I do not shave.

I intern at a veterinary office.

My mother is single.

However, I am not homeless.

You cannot determine homelessness on a single generic template. The situation is different for everyone.

Side: Kinda

If you did not have a parent or guardian to provide for you, you would be homeless.

Side: Kinda