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Fuck the environment Wait..., what? No!
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Humans need to get off this planet before humans become extinct on this planet

Fuck the environment

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Wait..., what? No!

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Humans need to get off this planet before humans become extinct on this planet

Hello joe:

Of course.. What do you think our space program is all about? We're gonna build a big, huge space ship and call it the Arc. Then we'll fly off to the promised land and save humanity.



Side: Fuck the environment

OK, that's fine..., but..., who gets to be called Noah ;)

Side: Fuck the environment


What? ;)

Side: Fuck the environment
Chinaman(3570) Disputed
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The Leftist says it is on Space Program what a fuckin idiot you are NIGGER

Side: Wait..., what? No!

Environmental change drives evolution and innovation forward.

As the environment gets worse and worse, we will be forced to improve the technologies that will allow us to survive in a closed off environment. Something like a fishbowl. These technologies can then be refined so that they are suitable for supporting life on other planets, moons, space stations, etc. COVID is already helping humans to adapt to living in confined spaces.

But a certain segment of our population want to fix the environment and channel the money used for research and development towards the segment of the population that contributes little (if anything) towards technological advancement.

Now..., you may be thinking about ways to eradicate the gene responsible for that segment of the population that wants to fix the environment and redistribute wealth. However, it is that gene that will drive those of us lacking that gene to innovate and evolve. And, as fate shall have it, the other side will be forced to innovate and evolve as well. A perfect balance.

We may be forced to take a back seat for the next 4 years unless we figure out how to get Biden to do our bidding. But even if we can't, find comfort in the knowledge that as long as the Dems control the white house, that segment of the population will go dormant. This means that they will not be out in the streets demonstrating, protesting, looting and blocking traffic. And there's nothing I hate more than people clogging up the freeways during rush hour traffic ;)

Side: Fuck the environment
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Adversity drives evolution and innovation forward.

Evolution and innovation always move forward, so the four long paragraphs of gobbledegook you have written are all rooted in the false premise that evolution ends without hardship.

Side: Wait..., what? No!

OK. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!
Jace(5211) Disputed
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evolution always moves forward... except when it ends in extinction.

Side: Fuck the environment
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