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Yay, Joe!!! Wait..., what? No!!!
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I have been vetted not to have colluded with the Russians.

Yay, Joe!!!

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I now one Russian and drink Vodka on occasion, but I have been cleared, so... ;)

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jolie(9808) Clarified
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So I will not be sharing Donald's fate ;)

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You are not vetted until fake news says you are vetted. Now if you were connected to the Clinton's pay to play foundation after giving uranium deals to Russia, and given 1/2 million in speaking engagements in Russia, you would have instantly been cleared of all wrong doing by the Democrat Party, and would become a lifetime honorary member of all veterinarian schools.

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I don't doubt that what you posted is true but what this proves is that you didn't get caught doing it, not that you didn't do it.

Not all the people involved actively liked said pages or joined said FB groups. They called each other on secure-lines/throwaway-cell-phones etc.

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Here's the link. See for yourself ;)

Supporting Evidence: (
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GoodListener(603) Clarified
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Don't use that site anymore. ;)

If a friend (or even family member) really likes me, they'd keep in contact in a way that doesn't require me to have some public profile with my real name attached.

I've learned a lot about anonymity in the past few years and hiding your IP address is literally pointless to do overall, it's 99% about not bothering with shit like this. :)

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