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Yeah...., me too. Seems legit. Deal with it.
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I was born during a simpler time were things were more straight forward. You?

Yeah...., me too.

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Seems legit. Deal with it.

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That sure screwed up the whole birds and bees talk I was given. Today one has to have a bird and bird talk along with a bee and bee talk besides the normal bird and bee talk. Now you have to explain how the bird is really a bee and the bee is really a bird. It was much simpler when bees were bees and birds were birds. However I never did figure out how birds and bees had offspring.

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Its more likely that back in your "simpler time", these people could not have simply lived their lives without the complexity of living a lie. Are we not then living in simpler times today.

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It seems to me that society picks and chooses who gets to live their lives without the the complexity of living a lie. ;)

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The only reason this couple will have any difficulty explaining anything to their children is because ignorant, prejudiced people will complicate the whole thing unnecessarily.

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Atrag(5553) Disputed
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Not really. If everyone around you is different from you then you notice between different because of your own observations.

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Jace(5162) Disputed
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I presume your point is that the children will notice their parents are not like the majority of other parents... which could be said about some aspect of just about any couple, single parent, or poly-parenting situation. Children generally do not have a hard time understanding these differences and explaining them really is not that difficult (I say this as someone who knows people in very comparable circumstances to the above scenario). The only reason children are going to have a hard time with the concept is because they are going to be bombarded with the contradictory messages from ignorant, prejudiced people telling them their type of family is "wrong".

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Unless one is related to these folks, I do not see how our lives get more complex just because other people out there can do these things now. Life for them was NEVER simple, but now they have options. Options that are unlikely to have any effect on the rest of us.

Also, life may have been simpler, but has humanity ever truly known a simple world? Ignorance of the complexity of the world does not count.

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