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If COVID doesn't kill Trump - what does that say about COVID?

Conservatives:  Trump was right to roll his eyes at this weak ass virus
Liberals:  The rich have access to a secret vaccine!!!
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If COVID doesn't kill Trump - what does that say about COVID?

It says it doesn't have our best interests at heart.

I think COVID is conservative ;)

2 points

It's likely a Russian biological agent. Putin, (just as likely), has sent an antidote to his adoring puppet so HE can keep a controlling interest in our White House. After all, he's spent a few ... hundred thousand rubles to get control of that once united states of America. He wouldn't like to lose his "fixer". :-(

Please tell me you don't actually believe this ;)

AlofRI(3294) Clarified
2 points

What I DON'T believe is anything that comes out of this regime's .... (We used to call them "administrations" when they were made up of people who didn't have to sign confidentialllity agreements) .... mouths! After listening to his "doctor" hem and haw on information the country has every right to know, I can't say WHAT I believe! Certainly not ANYONE connected to his "loyalty regime" or his politically correct (In conservative estimation), FAUX News Channel.

I said it was all a "hoax" earlier .... it's STILL about 50/50. :-(

It's got to be one or the other ;)

A better question might be - What does that say about Trump ;)

joecavalry(40131) Clarified
1 point

Probably that Trump will be alive 4 years from now, unlike Biden ;)

AlofRI(3294) Clarified
2 points

That could be. Trump has a lot of support coming from 666. ;-)

Then there's that troublesome Second Amendment thingy. Ya never know which way that might swing.

1 point

It's a virus. That's it. All it would say about COVID is "hey, look I'm clearly beatable!"

AlofRI(3294) Clarified
1 point

There are over 200,000 Americans that would strongly disagree with the positivity of that statement. I can see why it would go over well with those of the "Reality TV" crowd, but, inquiring people want to KNOW!

It says covid fucked with the wrong guy.

That was easy, give me something difficult.

BurritoLunch(6566) Clarified
1 point

That was easy, give me something difficult.

How about improving your punctuation from that of a six year old child? You seem to find that pretty difficult.

I think that response is worthy of a grammar Nazi ;)

HighFalutin(3402) Clarified
1 point

Thank you grammar Nazi; how's your buddy, Adolph?