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more than likely Wait..., What? No!!!
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joecavalry(40134) pic

If cops used cats instead of dogs -would they be called K10 unit?



more than likely

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Wait..., What? No!!!

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Mhm. Cats are more important than dogs, which means cats get a higher number.


Side: more than likely
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Effective for tripping perpetrators up on the stairs.

Side: more than likely
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canine: K-nine... kitten: K-ten... (slightly annoying character limit)

Side: more than likely
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k10 -> k-ten -> kiten -> kitten -> BEST NAME EVER. I bet they will call them K10 its not offensive to dogs or anything.

Side: more than likely
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No. How insulting. Calling cats kittens is like calling dogs puppies. You species-ist jerk.

Side: Wait..., What? No!!!

I don't hate cats. Actually, I have heard that they taste pretty good ;)

Side: Wait..., What? No!!!
Jace(5211) Clarified
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Personally, I cannot abide the taste of hotcats.

Side: more than likely

No! Cats are useless! I bet they would only do what you want when you give them everything they want.

Side: Wait..., What? No!!!