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That's the plan Wait..., what? No!
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 That's the plan (3)
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If enough Boomers die due to Corona - Could Bernie win?

Corona is being called
the Boomer Remover.

That's the plan

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Wait..., what? No!

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If enough Boomers die due to Corona - Could Bernie win?

I hope he wins the left and faces Trump. Bluntness by the person he's talking to or dealing with is his achilles heel. You can't parrot talking points only, with someone who attacks from all sides and below the belt, without looking like a complete clown.

Side: That's the plan

I just scared the shit out of myself. I'm now going to stock up on TP ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!
CrabCakes(49) Disputed
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Sir why are you shitting yourself? I'm confused by the self shitting of pants. Tell me.

Side: That's the plan

The thought of America turning into a socialist country is scary ;)

Side: That's the plan