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 If they legalize marijuana, what would their commercials be like? (7)

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If they legalize marijuana, what would their commercials be like?

Probably like Budweiser Beer commercials.

Guy 1:  "Hey, what'd ya doing?"

Guy 2:  "Watching the game, smoking a bud."

Guy 3:  "Waaasssuuuuppp?"

all of them in unison:  "Waaasssuuuuppp?"

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It is not illegal to smoke cigarettes, but advertisement is. I should imagine that that is how it would be for marijuana.

Probably wouldn't need commercials...if marijuana was legalized, I'm pretty sure anyone who wants it is going to know very quickly

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I think it would be very relaxed, with plenty of weird colors and shapes, hypothetically, of course.

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They would be like .... "whoa."



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They will be like ,

"A bud a day" ,

" forget work " ,

"just eat rest and play"


Scene - smokeless basement . Two hosts , a few session buddies and the odd lobber or two or three.

Director -

Scene 1 Take one. ACTION!

Director - I said ACTION!

-Cut cut !


Scene 1 take 2 , ACTION!

1st lounge host -Hey whatssup Were out of booze ,hey anyone want anything down the shop ?

2nd lounge host- yo dude , were all outa bud ,grab an oz will ya .

1st lounge host leaves.

Director-cut !

Director-Scene2 take 1 ACTION!

DING DONG PLINK- The doorbell sounds.

Lobber number 3 arrives , he is greeted by Session buddy number 1 after playing knock knock , whos there.? for a bit.

session buddy no.1"Hey maan, a yeah daves not here haw haw haw " mocks old cheech chong classic. repeat times two

phone rings - lounge host 2 answers phone - all others reach for theirs.

lounge host 1 is on the phone all upset.

lounge host 2 shakes head while mumbling shame shame.

He hangs up phone.

The room falls silent as they all look ,wait in anticipation for the bad news.

lounge host 2- says solemnely , with his head bowed , Sorry folks the parties over.

" I knew i shouldnt have let him drink drive , hes been arrested."

Just then lobber 2 comes out of his shell , jumps up and says "oh no it aint ! Lets , call the "bud hub" hot line

Everyone hawhaws and highfives.

Music starts . Averts for " the bud hub" scroll accross the screen.

Director-cut !

Director-Scene 3 take 1 ACTION!

dingdongplink - the doorbell rings

Yeh its the bud hub!- cries lobber number 2.


One host , a few session buddies and the odd lobber or two or three , and the "bud hub" delivery boy.

Director-cut !

Director-Scene 4 take 1 ACTION!

Director--"hey lobber 4 , where did you come from? , Host 1 stop hogging the bong shot."

Director-cut !

Director-Scene 4 take 2 ACTION!

Director-cut !

Director-Scene 4 take 3 ACTION!

Director- cut no hang on i mean go , i mean , hey dudes what we doing?Hawhawhaw.

Everyone laughs.

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I'm not sure, but they would probably involve a lot of cheese.